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24 Awesome fact about our Universe part 2..

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30 second exposure I took of the ISS streaking in front of the milky way

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Clicked this couple of years back. I believe every1, once in their life, should go on a mountain far away & spend a night with the Milkyway

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The cold was worth it

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Perfect shot

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24 Awesome fact about our Universe part 2..

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How Much Of The Earth Can You See At Once?

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Mount Shasta, Weed California

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This is home. This is how little we are. This is why I'm a photographer.

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The largest black hole ever discovered. (That dot is the size of the solar system)

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Nazis Sci-Fi "Iron Sky: The Coming Race" Trailer Sees Hitler Riding A T-Rex


This pic shows you how deep is the Mariana Trench . The little spot is a whale.

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Bitter Truth

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The judges are paid may b

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Green Meteor captured around the Skyislands in India

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Too right here

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Sometimes things are blown out of proportion.

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