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International Space Station passing in front of the Moon

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9 points

Mining Ruins and Milky Way

Preview d1090a06 a67a 4e93 ad8a 6a7cbdce6100
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Preview 706303db d536 40e0 84d4 d83b55f3940d
57 points

Old but gold

Preview 9f5e86ea 3ae8 4a65 9de4 c0d90ae6aa09
10 points

Incredible view of the stars over Taylors Mistake, NZ

Preview a32149c6 9ecc 44cf 9459 9f5b354f42fd
6 points

Oh, Uranus...the butt of so many jokes.

Preview 3773e085 c61c 4c8d bcfc f77d9320f335
13 points

New wallpaper for you

Preview 1d7563ad 1a3a 4dce a7f5 c365bdd6c0e1
8 points

My first shot at a Milky Way panorama!

Preview 57177136 5fce 4efb 8621 22970538d061
9 points

Thor: Ragnarok is going to be epic! Can't wait!

Preview d236e9b4 39f7 4e03 9c27 174548de618f

What a beautiful blue sky...

Preview 44c156bc d5d0 471f 9b39 daf8a7b6c89c

The Milky Way

Preview 8462858e ddc2 4f9c 9e54 59077e2d2353
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Preview 816fcf3d 260b 456b b33a b45ed188c8d7

Wanna play?

Preview 87277099 0684 4f26 9d5d 6a8c330c8c64

Took this through a telescope with my phone.

Preview 43ca06ad 21e0 4f80 b602 768cdc0aa7f1
61 points

24 Awesome fact about our Universe part 2..

Preview 9317ef21 b450 4a21 8151 9fe797ca41db
62 points

30 second exposure I took of the ISS streaking in front of the milky way

Preview ba343b93 4963 401b 90c0 fe5dc425fb24
53 points

Clicked this couple of years back. I believe every1, once in their life, should go on a mountain far away & spend a night with the Milkyway

Preview cf4eb100 eba3 4644 b40c faa94486d393
46 points

The cold was worth it

Preview 36c929e0 f6eb 4672 b88f d439f0ee1501
7 points

Perfect shot

Preview c9239988 7968 4508 94e1 5d210a726b98
9 points

24 Awesome fact about our Universe part 2..

Preview e6047537 9ca2 4ec9 a318 0c226abb6ea9
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