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Who needs 5 hour energy when you have 55 hour?

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141 points

Thought this might be appreciated

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Oh God...

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105 points

Not today but one day.

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103 points

Life hack

Preview ce008cd7 5aba 4a2d afa6 a2d3bfc57a2f
112 points

Best prank ever!

Preview afdd657d c579 47fd ba05 ea3f80b6f8ea
111 points

Too much gray

Preview eb00660b f2d4 436b 9060 1a5c06288ec8
92 points

The clearest photo of the blood moon.

Preview 7e2c6a62 706d 4453 a2f3 61a15d22e2ce
115 points

Best pic of SpaceX launch over Los Angeles!

Preview aed7cab0 01ad 4d77 889b 4fe6000c6d33
115 points

Us on the edge

Preview a1b4c4a9 cc47 47ae 83d5 4364d6a01997

This lamp in the room looks like full moon

Preview 11c0a93a c43c 41ec a8f0 ae31b6a472ce
103 points

Floating in Space

Preview 47dba325 eab1 4a62 955c 5cfbc02a942a

In 'Plane' Sight

Preview 456f9843 df6b 43f4 8568 9047418b5422

The more you know

Preview 4661346f ff9d 440a 98fa f4545d3a3324
135 points

Definitely two T-Rex's fighting over a table saw.

Preview fbdd41e4 4f27 4aeb 9b2e be528275dc36
109 points

Was reading the warning exactly when a tree fell down

Preview 77db5dcd 4748 4255 b87e 868b03c89b51

Be like star

Preview 74fc0eb1 9a56 4088 9f26 635a053b83c1
57 points

No one ever said it was a moon...

Preview 6fef2f8e 4291 4c3a 8da3 f881363f81a1
74 points

The Rising of the Moon. South Pole.

Preview 8c58a043 d16e 49a9 904e 8e9be6a30374
89 points

My girlfriend standing in front of the sun

Preview fc7ffacb f903 4cfd a8b8 554c26e25978
66 points

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