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I live in a constant state of fear and misery, do you even miss me anymore? I don't even notice when it hurts anymore, anymore, anymoooore

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11 points

Moments before the pain

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Illusion 100 nibba

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The Myth. The Legend.

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8 points

Yayoi Kusama: "Infinity Mirrored Room"

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6 points

Hurdlers without hurdles

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12 points

Night in Split, Croatia...

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13 points

This bee looks suspicious

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12 points

Split, Croatia last night.

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7 points

Oh man

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Compressed Air Cannon With Maltesers As Bullets Is No Difference With A Real Gun And It's Unbelievably Strong

268 points

To the people who post "I'm too afraid to ask" post

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4 points

Meanwhile in WTFville

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0 points

Maybe an overreaction

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4 points

Crushed By A Giant 6 Feet Water Balloon In Slow Motion Gives You The Freshest Splash In Summer!

185 points

Who's going to win?

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0 points

Defend the Net!

Preview ff12a646 8cd7 4196 b49a ae36242fe79a
1 points

A Plasma Cutter Makes Solid Steel Melt Like Butter

297 points

It took 10 attempts for this pose

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3 points

The Slow Mo Guys Team Up With Blue Man Group To Make Messy Slow Motion Art With Bowling Balls

208 points

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