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Gimme it you lil shit

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108 points

Now that Oregonians have to pump their own gas...

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112 points

Train station in Denmark..

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84 points

Christopher Stricklin ejecting from an F-16 seconds before it crashed in Sept 2003. He was not seriously injured

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Hold my whisky...

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"Just send it bro"

Preview f428c57f 9412 4e03 aa7f b4c74a763dca
100 points

The best way to stop your bike from being stolen

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89 points

Good drink that

Preview ce7f6aa9 dc5e 43ed b7fe 7ff1756ed415

Don't hold my beer

Preview 4f2658e3 df38 485f a96f a4eb2764d40f
103 points


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86 points

Someone tried to use a truck like a skateboard and rail slide the median on the highway.

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56 points

Needs to be reiterated every generation. Not everyone puts in equal effort, risk, dedication, time, etc. so not every gets equal results.

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120 points

I was feeling sad so I googled "frog" and found this picture of a frog straight up suplexing another frog I will never be sad again.

Preview 5e29b667 4b8b 4711 be77 3001d0e99dcd
51 points

Stupid real life!

Preview 3c65f788 a948 4c6f b5d5 4ed56818da0c
77 points

Never underestimate your opponent

Preview 7fd4ce08 d127 436e bccd 6f6e4e1283d1

The look of pure regret as he jumped on to a responding police cruiser in my city.

Preview 547c0574 1475 4719 97fe 2d15deb3aa5e
83 points

Slo-Mo Footage Of Impossible Mid-Air Paintball Collisions Is Better Than Fireworks

130 points

Got a deer

Preview 979aecb9 094a 412d 85df 1485248bb1f2
55 points

ehh...Now I think I'm really adopted!!

Preview c30c53a1 657a 41bf bae4 3259f65cc489

Sunset reflecting off the rails

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