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Just as you sit down to do some work.

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My owner isn't giving me attention. Better sit down and block her view.

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A Mall Display

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53 points

Cat recognizes his owner in a video chat

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50 points

Candy Assortment

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66 points

Instructions unclear, paws stuck in toilet paper.

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82 points

The right way to use peta's stickers.

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56 points

Hump Nails

Preview e8800a4f bdf5 4716 badc a3b33e44d3bd
85 points

Animals carved from flip-flops found on African beaches

Preview 89d23617 02dc 40d2 a106 a205de5da29a
95 points

Gummy bears & m&ms!

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41 points

I just moved 14 hours away to college and on my first day of class my mom sent me this

Preview ab1f437c 7659 49c9 b649 f4285208dd67
167 points

She sleeps with her little paws crossed

Preview cd0d123c afaf 4d92 86be 8088d517795d
24 points

This cate knows it the cutest out there.

Preview 80577607 23f8 4a2d a87d 66e3ae274e21
64 points

My dream came true! I am a member of their family.

Preview f0ddaa46 8b4b 4d9f a944 6a78df0b78ab
23 points

This cat is prettier than you

Preview a6d07b6c 065b 4f8a 83ed 76506ad56871
41 points

Uh-huh this is totally fine.

Preview 0aae3404 3a96 458f 8a7e 18b92a5e4bb3
15 points

M&M's and gummy bears in a bowl

Preview 8d84ebb1 490c 4343 8f8d bcfdc910f1ab
21 points

My cat enjoying the aftermath of Amazon prime day

Preview f2e1b1d0 1005 48aa 9000 c16c3c095b01
17 points

Beautiful snek

Preview 8ed79903 46f4 469f b20d da39fde847fa
17 points

Rolling away from conflict

Preview 71a58866 6e7b 4f25 a25b 219e61ebf1e4

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