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21 points

WTF car in the parking lot

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95 points

Just a sleeping dog on the trunk of a moving car.

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65 points

The Aftermath of Cinco de Mayo: Driver Didn’t Notice She Parked On Roomie’s Harley.

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87 points

The all new 2019 Dodge Ram Super Extended Cab...

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83 points

At least he’s come to terms with it.

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73 points

Second time today in Pittsburgh

Preview 59110b77 770d 4307 aec7 0ab3800b8047
105 points

Idiot was already taken

Preview 69374d75 c2a4 4d85 8576 21567f26282a
96 points

Celebrating 30 years!

Preview 3fb867d2 a717 47e8 a6a4 dbe63cbdf49a
121 points

Peppa pig’s car

Preview 8fa0e467 35df 4107 840f e0e173e1d1c7
81 points

Meanwhile in Bosnia...

Preview 90e83921 7ec0 4a89 9f8e bc4a9bb00514
95 points

Does anyone know the use case of having cut up pieces of tire as your rear window?

Preview 3baeccb2 cb19 481c a0a8 30fac848cfd1
86 points

Still trying to figure out how she did this...

Preview 81e62376 9c2f 4066 8396 e138c4afb1c0
94 points

This made me uncomfortable...

Preview ad023314 8686 4fc4 bc2e dea803a28777
80 points

I got a new sticker for my car

Preview 9d0e71a2 b2a7 44c5 bbd0 51563c083850
52 points

I got a new sticker for my car

Preview 86e8ae0a 428d 422f 8f6a 38405dbbe464
107 points

Hiiiiiighway to the Crumple Zone

Preview d502c7f9 221f 4349 a132 089c6f98c392
72 points

Remember, Jesus died for your rims

Preview eaac08c5 95f2 4685 92cf 9af61fd36eed
93 points

Pocket rocket?

Preview 7dc03ff4 5215 4eba a088 a1a4acc157f2
90 points

Teeny PP

Preview bdb5ba0a 7601 49e8 9416 039b331232aa
71 points

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