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I see your No Kids and raise you cats, lots of cats.

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34 points

When you've leveled-up from stationeries and stuffed toys.

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20 points

He will find you!

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22 points

This is exactly why Darwin Awards exist

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23 points

From r/funny

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Leaving the movie theater I see this with nothing else around it. I'm confused.

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21 points

The gear shift of the car that I am painting looks like it might be hunting for Sarah Connor later on today

Preview 7b3976e0 b863 43b7 b631 29ebde1fb964
22 points

I saw about half a Mercedes driving down the road today.

Preview 73a6843e 5b97 4f07 9721 3bf59073c761
24 points

A Totaled Eclipse

Preview eb60e776 7006 45a1 98fc 947a68715211
55 points

Looks like something a pedophile would drive

Preview 553fd593 72a6 4bec 835a 7031f717b709
19 points

Rule number 1

Preview 53942ed5 27fc 416c 9787 20c21041387e
47 points

When you get your first car but you're still in middle school

Preview b5836c04 bcbc 4109 9571 f4ffc3888e81
91 points

Have you ever been to Houston?

Preview 7e2588af e9c1 4f4c 8ca6 6c55101e48d7
64 points

Then I think WTF!

Preview 3bbf10bf f493 4eb1 add2 485fee5d669b
20 points

Interviewer:Why don't you tell me about yourself?

Preview 6ec539a3 36f7 4120 9d00 08cb01fc07cd
113 points

Spotted a blueish chrome GTR.

Preview 7f4c4fe1 6c38 483b 8c48 5208973e7c24
77 points

Mexicans in Texas be like

Preview 2cf18636 4fa0 463f b099 059be8732801
21 points

Meet my favourite coupe of all time.

Preview 27c81b76 a51b 4b27 b0dc e4f3910c3e51
23 points

Stay warm

Preview dfe7b0fa 737f 4873 9f10 d71a44e07508
18 points


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