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It was secured with extention cords, lol.

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51 points

We all laughed...

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22 points

American soldiers arrived in Poland. In 4 days they had 3 road accidents...

Preview 6572b713 146c 40db 979b d444597ff103
13 points

Someone hit a deer...and just left it

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7 points

Any GTR lovers here?

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7 points

You could say this pathfinder is a little top heavy...

Preview b1c19de8 0b54 4487 989f fd2485a42f2c
5 points

Somebody needs to stop playing in the dirt.

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6 points

More stolen from Target

Preview 40432cbc ef73 41b1 bc2d f246698e4e88
10 points

Taxi driver ron

Preview 5f8f4f27 7d57 4184 857c 765c988bc607
9 points

My self-built beauty. (Been working on it since 5 years)

Preview 2dca52d4 76ca 4834 8d73 26e76d7e0d90
20 points

This greeted me in the parking lot this morning

Preview a86b074b 103c 49a0 9aa9 9309c104dd5c
24 points

1957 Ferrari 250 Testarossa - speed and style

Preview c1122f8a e4af 4dc6 9132 10de24ead5ca
24 points

Dat ass

Preview 8a33d053 2484 44d1 8b45 102478120633
159 points

Transparent Aston Martin Transport

Preview 0dfdf91e 9e86 48bf 9c5f c450efa630ec
23 points

Dentist's new car (and plate).

Preview 48a215da 1952 4137 a24c 1cbc6aea0f45
20 points

Murdered out

Preview c7210844 3091 4172 aaeb 076ab957534e
18 points

Shit, I'd buy her a car too

Preview 09f75900 58c7 44c9 8e25 4a413b309164
22 points

X gon ship it to ya

Preview 9790fa38 806e 4c93 a07c 3e3fa418f985
7 points

The ugly truth

Preview 1cdd5a2d c3ac 4f98 86a9 29119a3bbfc6
5 points

Informational Sign

Preview a56b0cba f0f8 4747 8b70 fa61f1eda92b
8 points

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