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That's one way to carry lumber

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92 points

Found this gem while helping a friend move.

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81 points

Police respond to a code 241.

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89 points

Drag Car Acceleration

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Scene from Wednesday morning commute....

Preview e073a7c4 a60d 410d bd19 2893436d478b
85 points

I think my brother doesn't fully understand why people do this...

Preview 4e539a02 e323 4c28 ba63 5fdb4b3284e3
78 points

I guess she REALLY hates cum.

Preview 49cd9c57 69a9 48c4 8a4b 9830b71b62f5
112 points

Who would play with this?

Preview c0d40a9b ee1d 4de3 9c25 6b492b497c43
78 points

Who had one of these badboys as a kid?

Preview 046f8867 3389 4809 8697 74277c7bc729
87 points

Store near me - someone drove through the brick / metal handicap sign and onto another car

Preview 6f95df58 0d94 4d4b a275 4e4484b36916
92 points

My fiancé carries chalk in his car for opportunities like this one

Preview 752ef94c 2519 4bab bd4f e35b6759dcfc
84 points

Guess I’m not going to this target location.

Preview 2e42c342 b469 4e95 9233 9e9498f9f980
59 points

Oh so that’s why they drive like that.

Preview 3bc113c9 9cab 4d9d b7c6 499b3fe69b03
48 points

"Shit's about to go down"

Preview e8e46610 1739 4070 a458 6d87d0417303
66 points


Preview a0c0f68c 3466 4a5e 8428 511b72e00a34
50 points

Final Destination

Preview 809850d5 eb7e 4e99 81d0 a972e36e869b
58 points

Ill bet this was a drunk idea gone right.

Preview 21cfafbe 84ec 416e a2a5 65397318631d
73 points

I found a car we all have been drawing in our childhood

Preview 024c9997 f5df 4a1f 8ea9 54511fba1cc0
50 points

When a 10 mph crash becomes a bloodbath.

Preview 6afb57b1 836b 4353 b8ec e8ff70f3fa3d
61 points

Aussie mom finds world's second most poisonous snake hiding in her kid's lunch box

Preview 4e48ac4a 4481 415c 8a49 41a1df69364f
65 points

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