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Classic car post #9: Jaguar E-Type 1966

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73 points

1973 Mazda RX3

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67 points

That's one way to park your truck

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73 points

What the.. seatbelt and all.

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15 points

Bumper Sticker

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9 points

You're all talking about your favourite Mustang. I present to you the best: 1967 Shelby GT500. Eleanor.

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12 points

I'm so satisfyed

Preview 8868fc7a ae22 4cdb b46a aa5a80395a05

Theres only one thing Im good at...heres an example

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3 points


Preview 88b7ccd1 2cd1 4865 96ce c95070917f1a
1 points

"You need some fresh oil bro"

Preview 53811a8c 031f 4f38 b1fb be4a90ccbd0c
2 points

Mercedes Benz Silver Lightning

Preview e96f45ba 9c93 4d46 bb98 3f3e3758f55a
2 points

Houston Style Baby!

Preview 7e5024c1 752f 4f3c b2a2 98acc302fa62
2 points

Yikes! How is this legal?

Preview 5442f61b 8203 4c98 9ed3 e192049dc451
1 points

I am a simple man

Preview 7b1635e5 6fe5 4482 b202 6d92ba4119b8
2 points

Who are you callin' rim head?

Preview 0cf28c36 6d16 4194 bd5f 8d777f4d31b4
1 points

They keep saying there is an rs6 in this photo, I am still looking for it...

Preview 34bd604d 0c19 4f53 85b2 cf9788bb6588
8 points

It was a pickup.

Preview df7173b2 a4e4 4994 926a 01cb537664a9
1 points

Anyone want to donate?

Preview 4c679b2f a38b 45a3 9dc9 75fc0036c859
2 points

Hate it

Preview 492dfbc9 bce8 40f4 967b 90237d28349d
1 points

Ok whats wrong here?

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