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India's new Pakyong Airport in the Himalayan mountains at 4,593 feet

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Walking a dog

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Just hangin with the crew.

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Must be nice to not have legs

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Told my dog, Ashe, to sit on the log and this is what I got

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86 points

Passion for taking pictures

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Me and my friend on a cliff at Yosemite Park

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Extreme hammoquing

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2 men standing around with glow sticks in Hawaii

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Long way down

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Mountainside glass bridge; NOPE!

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highest vertical ascent cable car in the world, the "needle of the south"

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Mountainside train ride

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Jasper National Park

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He caught his keys in picture while skydiving

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I'll just leave this here.

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What a lovely view...

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"What a nice moment for a photo"

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Congratulations, you did it?

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A picture I took at the top of a mountain in the Swiss Alps...

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