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Aiea Ridge Trail, Oahu Hawaii

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After a 6 hour hike up to a glacier in Montana, we decided to take a dip in the lake

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Fissure made by earthquake in my country (Mexico)

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Northwest fires perspective: Same day - Glacier National Park at 11am and 4pm

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Getting to Cabane de Bertol in ski boots was fun

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Hanging around at the top of Pulpit rock in Norway

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Lake Braies, South Tyrol, Italy

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Me at the Grand Canyon last year.

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Photographer Ulla Lohmann studying a volcano

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Enjoying the view

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A dog slipping

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Rocks perched on eroded pillars of dirt in the Italian Alps

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The quite incredible Land Of Giants in Iceland

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NASSA did it better

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Air pollution over Salt Lake City

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This one rock in particular.

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A friend of mine pulling a fake meteorite in my towns parade. The mullet is legit

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