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Hotel room view, Val di Funes, Italy

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10 points

Navagio Beach on the coast of Zakynthos, Greece

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9 points

Before the shitstorm

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First hike ever - Fiastra's Dam / Fiastra's Lake - Italy

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11 points

Osorno Volcano, Chile

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10 points

Făgăraș mountains

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16 points

Camping two weeks ago in Banff, Alberta. Nature in all its glory.

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15 points

Lovely Romania

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9 points

Totality Above Oregon Wildfires and Mountains

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6 points

The most surreal sky reflection I've ever seen

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7 points

This waterfall located in Romania.

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12 points

Driving on Iceland’s Ring Road

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5 points

This bridge

Preview c90c6bb2 f554 4e04 ad5f cc8812577b68

Raj you're a genious!

Preview 91272a44 bc79 4892 aeca b7aa23e05d9d
18 points

Geirangerfjorden, Norway

Preview 799a1383 b471 4810 9dd1 8f780fd1151b

Good ghost

Preview 86cdbb68 4e09 49f8 8948 fd85d25cbb77
11 points

The reflection of this iceberg looks like a polar bear

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14 points

Advertising vs Reality

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17 points

The sport of downhill mountain biking


Ultimate slacklining

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1 points

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