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A stunning view of Mount Rainier rising above the clouds.

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Blessing the fresh timeline one picture at a time! #12: Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, located in northern Hunan Province, China.

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Good old memories

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Angel's Landing, Zion National Park

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Road trip night sight during midnight sun season. (Lofoten, Norway)

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Scottish Highlands.

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On the ledge

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Transparent Water and the Pro-Photography

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Took this pic while hiking in Norway

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The Swiss really know how to build amazing castles, in the most awesome places!

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Leafs-Hurricanes game

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Guy make a sculpture from ice and cows' heads

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Skaftafell, Iceland

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Sheep blocking the trail

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Take a picture on the edge of the cliff with a self timer.

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Out from the woods he comes...

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Apparently a plane in Indonesia got grounded for 90 minutes because a group of bees swarmed around its wing

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Butrint, Albania

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Was Googling pictures of Catalonia when I spotted this camouflaged Spaniard spy.

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Dangling my feet over Lauterbrunnen valley.

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