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I photographed thousands of fireflies at this barn in rural Nebraska

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13 points

Highlands of Iceland

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New world's longest suspension bridge, Charles Kuonen in Switzerland, spans 1,621 feet and is 279 feet high

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Not a bad morning view for camping in Italy

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Here's my life in Switzerland nice to meet you

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Some of the incredible landscape of Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada

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18 points

An isolated lake

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13 points

When you lie on the resume, get the job, then hire all of your friends

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10 points

Cold shower

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A mountainous lake in Fiordland National Park, New Zealand

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You never really hear much about Lichtenstein, but it's absolutely beautiful

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9 points

Somewhere in the Alps

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This is where I will be spending my weekend at. #nochargerave and you are all welcome. #golan #israel

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14 points

Mount Shasta on a clear night, by Victor Carreiro

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12 points

The prettiest place in america

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130 points

Lake Bled

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7 points

Symmetric beauty

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14 points

Hiking in Norway

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10 points

Lake Louise in Alberta

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