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Told my dog, Ashe, to sit on the log and this is what I got

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Passion for taking pictures

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Me and my friend on a cliff at Yosemite Park

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Extreme hammoquing

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Long way down

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Mountainside glass bridge; NOPE!

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highest vertical ascent cable car in the world, the "needle of the south"

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Mountainside train ride

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Jasper National Park

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He caught his keys in picture while skydiving

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I'll just leave this here.

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What a lovely view...

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"What a nice moment for a photo"

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Better stay safe.

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Even steeper stairs leading down on Machu Picchu

Preview bfa09ff5 e628 4986 879a 41ac959ffda0

This image is way funnier considering that this is Egypt and this snow was the first snow they got in 112 years

Preview f64dfb08 181b 4295 8bf6 25002c7cfaa2
101 points

Found this image while checking out a local park

Preview adef5323 d14d 45a7 8fd0 d713a5ac98c0
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*Fixed* Stairs leading down to Machu Picchu

Preview 033a0cd8 6d35 4bb3 a710 f9faebe4b40f

Stairs leading down at Machu Picchu

Preview 9871e113 b7ae 4ef1 941b 013e37163f4b

You got this.

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