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How to prank someone who HATES feet

212 points

Listen To This "Coconut Song" That Will Cheer You Up On A Blue Day

265 points

Brousse-le-Château in France

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71 points

Train for scale - Dughsagar falls, India

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91 points

Sad truth

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130 points

Because, f**k this city!

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95 points

The wall on the Canadian side is now up.

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157 points

A Castle in Germany

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85 points

In Alberta we too have bridges for animals, ecoducts

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116 points
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78 points

Imagine waking up to this

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80 points

Melt Your Brain With A Ride Through This Psychedelic Hot Wheels Track Setup


Photo taken from the top of a pyramid

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86 points

Room with a view, Dolomites, Italy

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86 points

Would you live here? (Reine, Lofoten, Norway)

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75 points

Moon Moon

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93 points

Vikings logic

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Greece, today

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149 points

Someone has changed the Hollywood sign ...

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155 points

Tight spot in the Zoji-La Pass in India

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