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Took this pic while hiking in Norway

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Skaftafell, Iceland

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Sheep blocking the trail

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Take a picture on the edge of the cliff with a self timer.

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Best picture I took on my trip to Nepal. 3600m/11800ft. Go visit Nepal, it's stunning!

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No. 👏 More. 👏 Tents. 👏

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Girlfriend and I finally got the shot of our dreams

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I hiked alone all day, ran away from two moose, and took a picture of the most amazing view from the summit. Alta, Utah, USA

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Touch the sky.

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Ladies and gentlemen, my hometown - Jajce

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Frozen staircase

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Taking a Break

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"Geirangerfjorden" in Norway people :) and it's not fake! :)

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Lofoten, Norway

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Walking the Knife Edge on Mt. Katahdin


Crevasse ladder crossing on Mt. Everest


Went camping with some friends and feel blessed that I can live in such a beautiful country.

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Lake District, Cumbria, England!

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After 16 hours of travel, this view was worth it!

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OG crevasse video


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