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"You asked I delivered, here's one of my rat pencil cases... in use"

Preview e7c8cde8 6fc9 4326 9e8b 94e6df9bb1f6
59 points

Uhmm, wtf?

Preview 66e0d0c7 f499 4d32 bd3e 6af360b0e89b
82 points

Because I wasn’t doing anything important

Preview ee55bd63 0863 449b b2c7 fa8a2b173a8d

love is blind

Preview b4b96e72 c51a 481a a530 983f22d4f028
41 points

This is the truest shit.

Preview a3ade336 3798 44ef 81c0 0a32db1f661f
77 points

My cat doesn't like homework either...

Preview 7f949657 d232 4e91 ac0a ad80dac11a8c

Yea stop

Preview 84078ca8 1d4f 4633 adac 6893c398d2ee
91 points

Sounds great

Preview 773e6009 3a75 4db6 b85d f8a78ba53082
85 points

Smiling Gecko

Preview 2de15766 3dc7 4732 852c 9ffef1da77a6
12 points

Hamster shaming by local hamster breeder

Preview d4c7a1e8 7dd0 4642 897e 1eb5408630b0

A minimalist concrete highrise bedroom with platform bed.

Preview b394092c 1423 4989 8144 19c39458e192
83 points

Eyesss...Love it...Babyyy Squirrel...

Preview f75c2d3e 62cb 4a58 a603 424064bf5d88
54 points

Another Victim from my lovely Cat...

Preview cd63c152 3eb3 4ab9 ba51 ad95b3721373
88 points

Never mess with this rat

Preview 8c527139 9a2d 4ba6 9130 4e0a8ea43b0b
18 points

Tell me where your f**king boss is!! Or you're gonna die... in five minutes!!

Preview b07bb297 b43e 4919 b2e0 a57718c53f5d
72 points

Bath time

Preview 45578977 6f9c 4562 952c b415d22e3c5a
24 points

Read the underlined not this

Preview 0b54d94a 0f0b 4536 8f08 677e4a0bdc20
38 points

Quiet as a mouse

Preview b31953de 2fbe 4714 a497 41a6b98bb18e

Splinter is that you??

Preview f9da106b d637 4a58 b37a b2e463055a2e
18 points

thanksgiving dinner

Preview b748cf26 0d02 4692 b54b bb4dbe6fa3ff

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