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Asked wife how the visit to the vet was going....

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83 points

A compilation of my cat Bella being a jerk. I call her my sass cat and I’m pretty sure we’re soulmates <3

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Book cat says nope. Not tonight.

Preview 9b1ca743 0554 45e3 bffc 7159e7b60c09

I wish my anus did... 😔

Preview a045914a 4dd4 49ec 8522 6e5270ecb08b
142 points

Hit it dawg!

Preview 6b11360b ef13 409b a32d dad721d7fe3d
137 points

My laptop....MINE!!!

Preview 0a292bab d99d 44cd 9c09 4a171f440a9c

He’s Screwed

Preview f0a4df44 64f2 42b6 9395 5ed89986f9b1
98 points

No computer for you!

Preview 54a2d85d 1747 4a49 9ccd 5c6addd3459a

Every bloody time!

Preview 1cb058ec 7710 4208 9d85 a6f7c7081c88

The God of carrots

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110 points

The joy of the 90s

Preview cf2343d9 6b70 4e4a 9231 a65ec49ea8db
133 points


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It's uh. It's taxidermy. I'm sorry in advance. More of this man's glory in post.

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132 points

Sammy and Boxer like Snuggling

Preview dcaa4187 e181 409d b1dc 6b1647391a62

My office held an Easter Egg decorating contest. I'm not artistically inclined...

Preview 1a3e46e1 9de3 42e3 9de0 782da5baba0d
113 points

A great plan!

Preview 09a788e8 fe03 4493 a7b6 33897615c22d
120 points

"You asked I delivered, here's one of my rat pencil cases... in use"

Preview e7c8cde8 6fc9 4326 9e8b 94e6df9bb1f6
128 points

Uhmm, wtf?

Preview 66e0d0c7 f499 4d32 bd3e 6af360b0e89b
106 points

Because I wasn’t doing anything important

Preview ee55bd63 0863 449b b2c7 fa8a2b173a8d

love is blind

Preview b4b96e72 c51a 481a a530 983f22d4f028
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