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Rat taxidermy pencil case with pencil sharpener for an ass

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23 points

Who doesn't love hamsters? :)

Preview 7eb11937 f4f0 456c aa6d 6d9912951878
8 points

I mean, that's what friends are for, right?

Preview 421878e1 e821 4d69 ba17 d1de79ee1e37
19 points

There's a special place in hell for people like this...

Preview 60935942 d709 4c28 82d5 809c1915267e
124 points

When the lab rat ain't havin' your shit

Preview d87d9988 b04a 40eb 8030 bedc0b0eb175
16 points

Asshole Rat screws with science

Preview e8902bf5 5cd7 4af8 9225 2fb84466cf98
16 points


Preview 69ebc19c 2280 4797 835d d4056501010f
12 points

nice, it’s wireless

Preview c257f81b 86e0 4f7d 835f ded3890344c1

Caption this

Preview a933d09a 9e58 4cfb 8235 eb59632f7a97

What If The Animals On This Planet Were Round?

233 points

Dammit Steve.

Preview 76666f5a 9470 4ff1 bd5a 64eedfdadf5b
11 points

Had to punch a wall to feel manly again..

Preview dc25de03 a292 4b21 8239 53d1d0175bff
137 points

Just a hamster saying hello

Preview 365df993 e7f8 454e ae45 971ad0e00c17
156 points

Help guys. mouse not working

Preview 0da85ebc 90d2 4f2e bbf4 6682af606ed1
108 points

Rate my new mouse mat

Preview d95b9583 bb28 43f9 9a77 6eed41584679
163 points

Homemade Taxidermy Pencil Case

Preview c6f86f85 371d 4d06 bba4 bf7cc2d5278d
160 points

When you set a possum trap and your cat is an idiot.

Preview 257aa67a 6729 4019 a22e 2338fda30906

I found this dog by the road. Should I keep it?

Preview 96f47c26 5ae2 4978 b373 ab1370747bf4
77 points

He gets more action than I do

Preview 6038a2dd 4ac8 48c1 8bb9 37d29868c08b
192 points

Damn those russian hackers!

Preview b8acc4d9 77b6 4ddf 9ad6 972a3914391d
283 points

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