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Here's a picture of Wendy the rat grabbing a cherry, paws first. 🐀💕🐁

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104 points

Pointy doggo

Preview 596e9fb5 7d7a 4ea7 8856 b03a27fa1d4e
45 points

Rat Prank on little sister goes wrong!!

15 points


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119 points

Found this little guy today

Preview 6a6e7e96 0c2d 495c 8a71 ac3289713a13
16 points

Scary Rat Prank on Girlfriend

17 points

Photographer Diane Özdamar spent years photographing rats to break the negative image of them by taking cute magical pics

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42 points


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19 points

Reading time...

Preview 46031ba0 2630 4b2a b0d2 fbf3fc8f7149
106 points

Rat taxidermy pencil case with pencil sharpener for an ass

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124 points

Who doesn't love hamsters? :)

Preview 7eb11937 f4f0 456c aa6d 6d9912951878
15 points

I mean, that's what friends are for, right?

Preview 421878e1 e821 4d69 ba17 d1de79ee1e37
44 points

There's a special place in hell for people like this...

Preview 60935942 d709 4c28 82d5 809c1915267e
141 points

When the lab rat ain't havin' your shit

Preview d87d9988 b04a 40eb 8030 bedc0b0eb175
22 points

Asshole Rat screws with science

Preview e8902bf5 5cd7 4af8 9225 2fb84466cf98
24 points


Preview 69ebc19c 2280 4797 835d d4056501010f
18 points

nice, it’s wireless

Preview c257f81b 86e0 4f7d 835f ded3890344c1

Look, what actually happened. I'm the happiest girl alive.

Preview 63546fcb d93e 4e9c 9edc cce3e4f80f21
186 points

Guess ill be sitting in the forest trying to learn Sarias song while people walk by and look at me like im some kind of asylum escapee..

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