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Alice Cooper looks like an older Steve Carell

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Found this and thought you might like it. Lul.

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Boi boi

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Dave Grohl, Kyle Glass, Josh Homme, Will Ferrell, Jack Black, Eddie Vedder and Beck.

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This makes me happy

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James Franco's "The Disaster Artist" Is Trolling Us With A Super Bad Trailer


Will Smith finally looks how he did in the 1994 episode of Fresh Prince where he dresses up as someone's dad.

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Is Ben Stiller's son doing "Blue Steel?"

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The Explosive "Pitch Perfect 3" Trailer Takes The Bellas To Worldwide


"Atomic Blonde" Final Trailer Shows A Bloody Brutal Charlize Theron Trying To Kill All Bad Guys


Used to have dozens of friends, all of them got married . So I took myself out . I love me

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"Gооdbyе Christоphеr Rоbіn" Official Trailer Featuring Margot Robbie


So I just realized...

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How "The LEGO Batman Movie" Should Have Ended


Llama Attack!



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A Rap Recap Of All 8 Harry Potter Films In 3 Minutes Saves You A Lot Of Time!


"The Evil Within 2" Offcial Trailer Is The Remix Of All Horror Films

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I've honestly got very little...

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The Superhero we all need, but not the one we deserve.

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