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"This Stereoscope" Scary Short Horror Film Will Give You Multiple Shocks (Disturbing Graphics)

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Jackie Chan photobombs

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Remember that cat struggling to shit next to a toilet? This is him now. Feel weak yet?

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Not sure if this has already been posted but...

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Billy Ray Cyrus looks like Mac on It's Always Sunny now

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'Jigsaw' aka 'Saw 8', Unleashes Gory First Trailer For Halloween


Poor Keira Knightley

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I can't stop thinking about things it reminded me of.

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Why not Danish......

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This pupper that thinks everyone's there to see him

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"The Battleship Island": 400 Prisoners's Gory Attempt Escape During WWII


Poor Keira Knightley

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Down 85lbs and keeping it off!

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OH, I Member.

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My life right now

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Green ninjas.......

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When you put your underwear on your neck and call it "fashion"

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