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I deleted his YouTube Channel prank *He punched a wall*

74 points


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113 points

Men in Black

93 points

So pedo bear stopped by let’s make a deal this morning

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128 points

Now I know what to wear for Halloween

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112 points

Original story

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116 points

At least we know Meryl Streep will be there!

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Got the Danny DeVito life size cutout for my brother and sister-in-law. Scares the hell out of you when you forget he’s standing there

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153 points

Hell nah

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Gives “dress up day” a whole new meaning

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111 points

Meth. Not Even Once.

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170 points

Kylo killer Han twice!!!

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131 points

The face says it all...

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126 points

Would you let this man vaccinate you?

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72 points

What kind of monster brings a balloon to a movie?

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116 points

Deleted scene

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Dove Cameron

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New channel, Funny insects in sweets prank😂😂

153 points

Bob Saget's daughter looks a little familiar

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146 points

Got to serve Bill and Brian Doyle Murray tonight at my restaurant (Q39 in Overland Park, KS)!

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