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I might delete this soon, but I was feeling cute

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15 points

It's right behind me isn't it?

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13 points

Finally, a movement I can get behind

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16 points

Brussels' Musée des Beaux-Arts main hall

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16 points


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10 points

Winters are tough on slower people.

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70 points

Interesting taxidermy

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17 points

House goals

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8 points

man damages art painting


Just Greek things

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You get what you pay for.

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18 points

I found the painting of the "wtf did I just read" meme dude in Scotland!

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19 points

A child's skull before losing baby teeth

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62 points

This was posted on the community board at my job....

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16 points

Not sure what I was expecting when I googled baby centipedes...

Preview 5aa0661e 71d5 45cf 9d7f bfe8d42d4905
18 points

Our cat is very confused with our new picture.

Preview 3e1bb584 0b85 43a6 bac5 3ef6c0bb8f75
22 points

That's art

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15 points

Salmon head

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12 points

What a great family picture

Preview 2a4c5321 941a 4f65 a277 8de0ad79001d
11 points

My mom has had an empty picture frame hung for months now, so I figured I would fill it for her.

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18 points

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