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The now extinct Short-Faced Bear. Scientists speculate these Giants delayed Human migration into North America.

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4D Television

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Job you probably never thought was a job: Vladimir Lenin body conservationist

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Replaced my little sisters graduation photo with one of the supreme leader 3 weeks ago. Dad still hasn’t noticed.

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Pebble Beach, Ca.

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They're not the best, but....

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A Facebook friend has had this milk-bone Rudolph for years. Yes, that's all mold.

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I might delete this soon, but I was feeling cute

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It's right behind me isn't it?

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Finally, a movement I can get behind

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Brussels' Musée des Beaux-Arts main hall

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Winters are tough on slower people.

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Interesting taxidermy

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House goals

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man damages art painting

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Just Greek things

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You get what you pay for.

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I found the painting of the "wtf did I just read" meme dude in Scotland!

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