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Our cat is very confused with our new picture.

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That's art

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Salmon head

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What a great family picture

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My mom has had an empty picture frame hung for months now, so I figured I would fill it for her.

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What’s up Doc?

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Personal care is first

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Things to wear at a job interview. smh

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Dancing all over a museum in Los Angeles ca


Why can't I, plato?

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🍕🍕 Pizza 🍕🍕

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Emotional time at the museum this weekend.

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This is thor. my irish wolfhound

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I got in before the panda ban!

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A Peruvian corpse.

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One of my top life moments was being able to see this in person

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Found the Original Meme in a Castle in Scotland.

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I got in before the panda ban!

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This is real art.

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London's Museum Of Curiosities Holds The Weird And Wonderful From Celebrities Poo To Victorian Prostitute's Vagina!

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