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Sideways tuck.

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123 points

Me want cookies!

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97 points

In Love with another man Lyric Prank on Boyfriend


"And the ghost of Bob Marley, that haunts me to this day..."

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123 points


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110 points

Opening theme song.

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104 points

Didn’t know that my 4’9.5” wife could look even smaller but there she is.

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107 points

Doing 10k tomorrow super bowl run as Alan from hangover. Think I nailed it?

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109 points

SpaceX in 2002

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54 points

Pranking People with Song Lyrics PART 9 🎶

75 points

Didgeridoo Prank. Filthy Frank inspired channel

67 points

honk at me prank

22 points

Selena Gomez Messaged MY Friend PRANK😂😂😂😂😂

120 points

Blasting Inappropriate Songs!!!

98 points

Body Paint Prank On My Brother!

150 points

Rock band playing outside of H.S. for a film festival. Hotdogs were being grilled, and I felt a number of wieners hit my body. Photo captures evidence

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131 points

Still hurts to see

Preview 30cf5eec 997c 45c7 b1c6 6473e04be91a
142 points

Blowjobs are my forte

Preview 57e61ca4 28e9 4cef 94f6 76426c4b6e43
117 points

So pedo bear stopped by let’s make a deal this morning

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