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Playground insults

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16 points

This music gave me chills for the first time and did it again

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Clickhole's Instagram response to Tom Petty's death

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21 points

You know its gona be a good conversation.. when it hits green

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20 points

The adventure souls

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Remember last-year Indonesia came up with warrior-costume at Miss Universe ? Well, this year we became a MAGE!!

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And he is absolutely right..

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24 points

Soft pastel portrait of Lindsey Stirling

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105 points

Hershey's KISS

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60 points

The guitarist in a friend's band dressed up as Doc Brown, I refuse to believe he's not actually Doc. Taken by the finest Irish Potato.

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80 points

Made a Rick and Morty guitar in anticipation for Season 3

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Carrie Fisher asked about Finn and Poe

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86 points

So I found this awesome skull...

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16 points

One time at band camp

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80 points

Soft pastel portrait of Lindsey Stirling

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85 points

Spinning like a top.

Preview 6d49cbec 878c 41c3 ac95 60b92bf4e163

Remember that cat struggling to shit next to a toilet? This is him now. Feel weak yet?

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24 points

Taylor Swift and a chubby Avril Lavigne perform on a Late Night Tv Show

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Guitar legends

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No one ever expects... Oh.

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