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A Flute Beatboxing Cover Of The "Game Of Thrones" Theme Song Is The Best Kind Of Cover


Sophie Turner Is A Trivia Master And She's Absolutely Smart


I just searched "Thai Ukulele" and this was the first result

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16 points

Absolutely Majestic

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12 points

You understimate my power

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18 points

Greece y u do dis?

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My College's Idea of How To Prevent Sexual Assault

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The Swedish king doing the rocket at Jamboree17 in Sweden

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It was good; unnecessarily overhyped.

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An ode to sluts.

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Muay Thai Punch

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Heart surgeon

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17 points

The best Prank Calling




Ever pushed so hard that you're out of breath?

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I made an epic orchestra piece out of an EMOJI! See what it sounds like... 💯👌🏼


Guy thinks government official is calling him about him calling a weed dispensary. Guy cries


We are developing revolutionary 2D game it has multiplayer and - just one button is needed to play! watch video.


Speaking of bullets in rooms, my house was fired upon last night. Woke up to 7 or 8 gunshots, and this bullet bouncing around my bedroom. Busted up my guitar :(

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