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Sideways tuck.

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142 points

Someone spray painted on those stars...

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116 points

A group of hipsters eating lunch

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97 points

Patient experiencing rare side effects during a clinical trial for Ambien

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156 points

A second before a ruined afternoon

Preview 06c7db56 0881 4b6f bb9b a58266da1462

Best Dog Forever

Preview e20e7b89 e236 49d1 bed4 bafbbdb28846
52 points

"And the ghost of Bob Marley, that haunts me to this day..."

Preview 262f4709 81ad 4743 a02b 4e9d0c9dab61
137 points

Prince William. It's all about point of view.

Preview e8615600 290f 4af7 ad00 b0e857271992
114 points

Opening theme song.

Preview 2d4da2f7 e328 489f aa8d 3f1d8a542fb2
124 points

The frilled Pope

Preview 1eb6394b 6861 42f4 8f06 ed507d29cce8
100 points

Rare Radar Phallangee pic

Preview 0d1a6ac3 7a98 4a26 a75c 5dd9a27301bb
90 points

I will never not post this on Easter

Preview c8c2ed40 d1b1 4f1c b39c 6944e5a73864
71 points

Porn hub today

Preview 56241a86 ce4d 48df aaf8 03e680f9116b

Didn’t know that my 4’9.5” wife could look even smaller but there she is.

Preview 535ac959 fd63 4225 a534 3abad1595714
113 points

Seagull steals tourist's panino in Saint Mark's square, Venice

Preview ffe6c4f3 38c6 4c56 aaa5 8c590ef97b25
103 points

Best foot forward

Preview 44a68c28 9eba 4b8a b537 4653acb0a88c

Because there’s no oil either

Preview 508e89ad c2ee 4278 8530 62f40a189f45
125 points

Is this what happens when the cameraman forgets to say ‘smile!’? I just received this charming flyer for a local restaurant.

Preview 990d57fb 1bb0 4625 a7be 6147e9cc5b96
94 points

Sneaking in a quick snack

Preview 496e69d2 b462 4fe4 9e02 69b6d27ba52e
87 points

Doing 10k tomorrow super bowl run as Alan from hangover. Think I nailed it?

Preview 75fc048d e320 40cd 9472 12d6e4a15fb9
112 points

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