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I have Wheat-Dependent Exercise Induced Anaphylaxis, this is what my Thursday nights look like

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18 points

Nice beard.

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When your friends are rolling another joint, but you are baked af.

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Knower of nothing indeed

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Engrand is my city

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60 points

Whose turn is it?!

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61 points

And he is absolutely right..

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I would imagine that is the look he gave the person that said, yeah he's dead just leave him.

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18 points

CSI: Asgard

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They all where cousins

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What is love?

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17 points

Damn those germans

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18 points

Nice smile

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19 points

16 People Who Find Their Ancient Statue Twin In Museum

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3 points

This guy is Savage

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1 points

When the ego gets in the way of truth

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15 points

Hagrid knows science

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2 points

Truth from George R. R. Martin

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10 points

Dr. Seuss understands us

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