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16 People Who Find Their Ancient Statue Twin In Museum

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9 points

When the ego gets in the way of truth

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11 points

Truth from George R. R. Martin

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7 points

Dr. Seuss understands us

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Girls!!! Screwed if you do! Screwed if you don"t...

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12 points

The difference a smile makes

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12 points

Mike Portnoy pencil drawing + Autographed!

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14 points

Nick Offerman dropping think bombs

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4 points

I never thought beards could do that. Health benefits of having a beard.


Leonardo DiCaprio is approaching his final look

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3 points

Here we go again!

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Starting to post one Rumi quote every day. #002

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8 points

Almost had an heart attack when my brother said that the John Wick actor had died. Still RIP Michael

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1 points

Coffee in 3 steps

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1 points

Too cold

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65 points

ISIS Militant 'Dresses As Woman To Try And Flee Mosul', Fools No One

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90 points

Hat again

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14 points

Posting one Rumi quote every day. #002

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