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Oh brother

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69 points


Preview c7a57766 bd14 4899 89f0 42d79de33d6f
75 points

Guess what's on the picture!

Preview f65dfa91 5094 412a be70 34ad6ed48957
87 points

always cute, you all bring me happy.

Preview 3171c9b6 32e8 4b9f 9dfd 998c7c420278

Dog face

Preview 939aa685 22af 479c 8396 87c0fbd98859

Dodged a bullet there

Preview a46f99b0 4309 45bd a0f3 5dae86f26889
97 points

Too late!

Preview b5f09484 3981 426a b37d 613bb13f6a06
79 points

Don't hate the player, hate the game

Preview 463f90c1 c656 4ac5 b4f0 6b47e03955ac
88 points

Thoughts after telling a vegan joke to my girlfriend and her vegan friends

Preview a5ddcf64 05a7 478d a5da 68ca20951585

The beating was not all that bad... Lost a bit of hair here and there but that about it.

Preview 8a04e631 d4c1 47fe 8f1f d5245e5fa7c4
100 points

+one hand damage

Preview ba10cb4c b6a5 4767 84ba a2fb7b6ca0c2
75 points

Dad played a video on his phone

Preview 7b8a00b0 69ce 4205 97e4 40981d06d716
82 points

Sad sauce

Preview e182af7a f1cc 4ce8 964b ed88f0753eed
68 points


Preview c7e7f955 58f4 4333 840b aef4d59618a9
68 points

Meaningful words

Preview 34500f49 8057 4499 b3da 2ddd55b42ef2
51 points

Yep, Reuters, Soros, may God have mercy of us goyims

Preview cc172c83 27fd 4d06 94a1 b67154c65dcb
60 points


Preview 778a3696 fe8e 4813 94f5 87e3308d2e9e
68 points

Perspective through humor

Preview 2ca33dba c4ee 400b 8d5a 6542f26fac52
85 points

Smoothest. Snow. Ever.

Preview c5d9e384 c886 4213 a680 0ab27d2adca9
92 points

I have Wheat-Dependent Exercise Induced Anaphylaxis, this is what my Thursday nights look like

Preview 65ece1f9 8ee8 414b b888 729e2ceb6adb
76 points

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