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Dog will sniff it from miles

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Great Britain at their best

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Karma wins again

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Deleted scene

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What are cool laws in your country?

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Justice served

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Taking a Break

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Walking the Knife Edge on Mt. Katahdin


Lion Bites Tire Causing it to Explode – Kruger Sightings


Just some East Coast bro walking to work.


Crocodile gets wildebeest


"Yeah bro? You wanna fight me bro? Yeah?"


Donald Trump Says Billions And Billions And Billions

123 points

North Turkeya

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9 points

Americans in a nutshell

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104 points

How did she pull that off


List of some heraldic animal from countries around the world

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I hear folks like dangling feet on this sub. The top of Angels Landing, Zion National Park, UT. 10/10 would do it again.

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Fighting upside down must be difficult

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