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Interspecies Friendship

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Majestic creatures

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68 points

puddles in Brazil

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I noticed a carpet beetle larva in my pipe after I finished smoking. No wonder it tasted funny

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71 points

bubble being popped

Preview fbb91a88 5a3b 4afd 8fa2 3787a65da43c

Happens to the best of us

Preview b8ff62bd 4605 4ee1 a828 c2a9e419dc00
69 points

This ocean isn't big enough for the two of us.

Preview 5566cee5 0fc0 4b85 963e 2772bd6e83d3

Caught a heron mid-snack

Preview 553a00fa 9b8f 4292 b9f4 28f0a75dcf68

She looks like she wants something

Preview a943134e c70d 432a b6dd bafc0e11affa
71 points

This fly that landed on a flower I was photographing.

Preview 09967b15 7f3c 4d47 bac0 ba7ffeef5a02

When your girlfriend says she's fat

Preview 98ba487e ce94 4213 a807 50d218f3b942
59 points

I mean, yeah this meme suck too because I'm bad, but I'm sure you people can do better!

Preview 191b13d5 5116 4cd9 b2a1 7e73f5d38dce
81 points

Loan Wolf

Preview 53207543 5775 4a04 ba83 372c594c8aec
68 points

I was recording Splatoon 2 replays on my Switch and when I paused after it went to a Mario Odyssey replay I caught this, thought it was silly :P

Preview 74f24a26 132f 4ee4 aaaf f9da350082fa

Gimme it you lil shit

Preview 634a6652 5b6a 42ce 9a03 abf0e783f2fb
81 points

Shitty Bird Shot

Preview d119da3a 84f8 4d27 bcff e1392f74616f

Headless bird covered in candy in a busy intersection... is this some kind of a threat?

Preview 4b325d4a 2ec5 47fc b7ef 2392e2f444d1
69 points

Chilling on the side of a mountain

Preview ba503c85 aba7 4d01 bcbd c8a88ac4eb25

This rock climbing chair.

Preview 4bb1885a ef6e 469b b3e0 55745b071145

Retired Rope Chair

Preview f7d37a1b 0ca6 46c3 9ae2 2ef472813372

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