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This seller knows human nature.

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22 points

Ask and ye shall receive

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Lil marco

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20 points

CHEVY hired me to create this steampunk beast as celebration of RED WINGS team. Hope you like it

Preview e190e7ab df80 4c96 87dd 1cd4b72a9cb0
64 points

Time to sell the body for apple maniacs

Preview a4634557 1309 46a5 9eed 6b378fd152b0
17 points

When you need that quick energy boost

Preview 765572cc 2911 4f83 a2c1 4bbacba7760e
22 points

The all time top post in this sub is a repost of the all time number two post.

Preview 61957f6d c3f0 4a86 bf3e 0b1dacaf6e7f

I knew it !

Preview e0191ada 9980 4d8e 8088 9e101544758e
21 points

Reichtangle creeping in the corner.

Preview d443f32d 57d1 45a2 961a e2a43c643f6c

Dark joke time

Preview e81ae519 eee3 4225 9dbf c68e8f7d0d6d
21 points

X-post r/DankMemes

Preview d7539aab ab00 4272 b3ee 2baa432f5e1b

What a twist

Preview 147c5f0f 8e3e 4031 8aab 25bdcd7b1d07

Let the shit show begin.

Preview f949ac89 77af 4607 8c96 1ba635392003
20 points

Modern etiquette is often lacking...

Preview 753c5d70 fbc8 4527 b9be 35f7a77309ed
18 points

What? lol

Preview c8608b85 9567 4b4b b7b9 ff9644e0a216

I left this baby growth chart in a Babies R Us

Preview ae808b24 04fd 4dfd a96c e8bdffa98b58
18 points


Preview e7bac23e 0123 4253 96bb 4254bfea54a9

Smooth as f**k

Preview cb3912ce 843b 44c2 8be1 0b70ef6cdb52
20 points

This is so punny

Preview 648df82a d276 4026 b478 bce417d6eab2
18 points

When your cellular data shoots your shot for you

Preview 698861a7 f492 4e22 8818 b754a3d9d049
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