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He only need one, what a c**t

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91 points

This guy tho

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76 points

I Did This And My Mother Called Me Crying And Then Gave Me A Twenty Minute Lecture. Not Worth.

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82 points

Perfect timing in posting.

Preview 3cd6d4a6 b4aa 4e72 8ed3 fd9d603350d9

When your flash update looks like this in Germany, you get nervouse

Preview 93e0b750 c2eb 4b3b 81c1 b6da9409672a

That's a bit harsh Steam

Preview ef8f675a 654b 42ef af18 211ad64a9aec
63 points

F**king Luis

Preview 65261b34 8f78 45a5 9a64 3947c3671863
56 points

Perfect timed posts

Preview f7a0e03a 1b3a 42ff 92f8 8d20fdd30e69

I was on a work call staring at this for 10 mins....she forgot to hit send.

Preview 8a3426e7 0700 40d6 8032 59536f9809e9

Family now days

Preview 1efca2bd 949d 4f13 947a 2054ea602a4b
23 points

Mum said no

Preview 01756154 c5ff 434c a839 5ce5975436b9
33 points

Do you remember?

Preview 71ed5cc0 72f6 4652 9e85 f3072bde3c2e
16 points

Reese's show their support for Ajit Pai and the FCC

Preview 7d617f03 93c1 43fe be5b e65c9a2648b3

Well, that sorts it out!

Preview a386993c ac81 467e 91c9 f833b5a64227

I am here for you

Preview 2ebde56f 0729 4b8a b48e 0ba9d27841f2

Taco Bell 🌮

Preview fb22755a 9713 4d56 87a2 9959cf0b7bbd
24 points

$4 is a pretty good deal

Preview 82fa5c9b acf5 41f0 a30b 7013f3964b63
35 points


Preview 42837906 6221 4dc4 a1f5 8d814038311f
22 points

That's a bit harsh Steam

Preview 367e8bbb c9f7 4409 8c86 8487d334a83d
23 points

i don"t have time for you bitch

Preview 7c5d3d2e 8e48 456e 8e2b dd079963cf36

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