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I can code in multiple languages, but i don't understand washing machines, so my girlfriend made it easier

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9 points

Talking to the an Indian Space Program memeber be like

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44 points

Twitter complaint

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EA customer support at its finest.

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11 points

God Damn Sara

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Thanks, Google Assistant!

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12 points

The absolute Maddman

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66 points

Anon from /b/ takes a piss bath.

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9 points

Anon is a Britbong

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Online survey

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13 points

Higher dan de sky

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87 points


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Well,that should settle the argument once and for all....

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Oh yeah good one

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I think someone had a LONG meeting with HR after this

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In case you wondered

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170 points

Dad Of 4 Girls Tweets Conversations With His Daughters, Proves Parenting Is Fun

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4 points

Coloreds of the Wind

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5 points

How to make pancakes

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