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In case you wondered

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159 points

My mom, the tech master

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256 points

Wendy's Twitter is gold, to bad they got rid of spicy nugs

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91 points

Is this the bro code in action

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94 points

My aunt is marrying a sheriff. Their invitation nearly gave everyone a heart attack.

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132 points

Oh shiiiiit

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139 points

I always hated my long lasting phone battery...good thing there is this app!!

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161 points

Story of our life

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195 points

Why is France so bad at war?

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110 points

Hey ubisoft

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At a job interview

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186 points

Justice has been dealt

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117 points

The Tinder update all guys are waiting for!

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293 points

Well, either you get laid or seen..!

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90 points

Damn Brandon!

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398 points

Package was 2 days late. UPS insists no mistakes were made.

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216 points

Am I doing this right?

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76 points

International guidelines for Problem solving

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390 points

This phone feels my feels

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