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Sure, I love Jesus!

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118 points

This never works for me.

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361 points

the seedy back backstreets of California

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198 points


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124 points

Honest Amazon reviews

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250 points


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138 points

The description for Friday the 13th part VIII on our TV guide for this week

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121 points

This is actually a proven method

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235 points

Funny picture

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224 points

I know I would’ve

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195 points

It's not rocket surgery.

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140 points

Nothing worse than slow internet

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130 points

Disrespectful cows. One might say they were being “jerky”...

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Am I still a good boy ?

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86 points

Bloody hell Peter

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96 points

"Paps, that filter must be an ancient one!"

Preview 66946e2b 51a0 412c 972c 6d880ce67ddd
82 points

What is the plural of fox? FOXEN! I saw a bunch of foxen they were hanging out with the moosen!

Preview ca744370 a7cf 4ed0 b50b 38eb356a56d3
80 points

Moms always find a way to beat their kids.

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86 points

Deer me .

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89 points

Sometimes you just need a break

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107 points

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