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I told my girlfriend to write me a 3 paragraph essay on why I should hug her. Little did I know, she actually was doing it while I was playing videogames.

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49 points

Idk about this...

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Just put some cow dung on your phones!

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33 points

Old woman’s picture comically places next to this

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68 points

My 8 year old couldn't find his beloved teddy bear; turns out he accidentally left him at my Dad's house. This is the text my Dad sent to let us know he found the bear......

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73 points

Im a law breaker

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89 points

The Portable Masturbation Hut

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92 points

This phone book of Ketchum, Idaho.

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69 points

Not the kind of famous you'd want to be...

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72 points

This rude young boy sitting on my biology papers

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Intense riots in Canada

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88 points

Bag of Flour

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86 points

Seriously, wtf?

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24 points

This would be my response to her leaving for sure

Preview 902e1be3 2cc7 40a4 a67e faf99d6e4bca
65 points


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23 points

Review of "Young Sheldon" in the University of Rochester student newspaper

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62 points

Have you ever seen an article more accurate?

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35 points

What? who?

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20 points

Real life sadness

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16 points

I thought it was only a West thing

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