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Long distance gaming

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True gentleman

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3 points

Stay classy, Kentucky

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Words that aren't in the dictionary but still make logical sense...

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117 points

Roses are red, death is not that far...

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225 points

I knew they were up to something

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182 points

It's going to be a beautiful wall

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95 points

Some scary shit, read the fifth paragraph.

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403 points

Chinese love story

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Whats the worst thing you have seen in festivals? I bet it wont top Uk

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699 points

I'm Canadian so I'm sorry eh.

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232 points

Man flu is the worst

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314 points

Shots fired

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354 points

I fear for My life...

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171 points

Every single time..

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214 points

When you found out that saving earth from bad guys is worthless.

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260 points

History counts a lot of worst year evers

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159 points

Shouldnt have done that

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