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"Paps, that filter must be an ancient one!"

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What is the plural of fox? FOXEN! I saw a bunch of foxen they were hanging out with the moosen!

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62 points

Moms always find a way to beat their kids.

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71 points

Deer me .

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78 points

During the war..

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104 points

Don’t get Terry started..

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102 points

This is a good deal guys

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Doggos don’t like books.

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Taking yard sale signs to the next level!

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91 points

A Q&A from the New York Daily Mirror, circa 1950s

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84 points

My wife gave me this Bob Ross book. This photo was inside.. ..

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I know that feeling bro

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I don't see a downside

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101 points

Deciding who to wife

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93 points

Asian problems

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78 points

Going out for a jog

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77 points

I found a 1977 year book with a play called “The KKK comes alive.” Wtf

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90 points

Why men shouldn't write advice columns

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59 points

I trolled my workplace. This document will be mass printed and distributed to customers. Lmao

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