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The Green Lady Lounge in Kansas City, Missouri.

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84 points

"Infinity Mirror" Room exhibit from Cleveland Museum of Art

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147 points

Lava lamp bought at target, and now it looks very....sexual

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140 points

Thought this might be appreciated

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Modern Titanic Relaunch

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115 points

Mid blow out of a Funny Car

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147 points

This guy sitting on the mezzanine at a concert.

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Me hanging out above Shanghai

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Hiroshima Orizuru Tower - Hiroshi Sambuichi. Looks like an awesome place for a sparing session / fight scene

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57 points

Chicken Slaughterhouse Protest Prank

68 points

Dining room of Michelin star restaurant Le Loft, Vienna Austria

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126 points

Lighting shot!

Preview c23234c3 1770 4755 81b9 5d55e652acb1

Vegan Protest Prank

99 points

Good Old Construction!

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80 points

Law library in Des Moines, Iowa

Preview 24917f1b e6f8 4d4e bab2 a305724ddd03
91 points

Caught a helicopter flying over the Empire State Building the other day

Preview 641ef58a ab4a 44e0 8467 5c243e71dc50
134 points

Best pic of SpaceX launch over Los Angeles!

Preview aed7cab0 01ad 4d77 889b 4fe6000c6d33
122 points

Crane grabbed the Moon

Preview f4dc3f44 2eed 43bb 8cb2 c960c71b942e
109 points

Abbey Road - Studio One

Preview b428861c 6120 4cd0 82e8 d249d25220c9
88 points


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82 points

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