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The Hunger Games?

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82 points

It's called "Nutella Party" - O RLY ?

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97 points

Buying an EA game be like

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83 points

It's not wise to upset a wookiee

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74 points

My dating life in a different nutshell...

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46 points


Preview 58a3d30b ac47 40f9 8bca 2d436f6a82c4
22 points

Every mans face when they go out with a chic ...

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7 points

Hold up, what?

Preview 30f77dac 01f4 43cd 9af3 d938070f7b5e
14 points

My first time

Preview 11acc900 dfbc 44ef a642 eea990212971
13 points

Showing off your champagne

Preview d88869d2 031a 4e9f a30e fb500e333080
123 points

If you look at the image upside down it looks like everyone's bored

Preview 211bc7ff 51de 4ead 9eac d0e7d077353f
20 points

Lego Batman was a great movie for little hidden jokes like this.

Preview 20568450 a095 42d9 8c41 5cf637ccf28e
24 points


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156 points

Bartender was training last night and had to practice the entire specials menu, me and my sister got 17 free drinks out of it!

Preview 93b6585a bb5e 4ad7 8e67 27ab0aa53412
155 points

On point, as always, Nick Fury.

Preview d2f3b5ce a5a8 45a2 9d19 761893bc8ee0
20 points

Dooku: Wtf Bro??!

Preview f31f4dea c20c 461b 918c c34bc60ab7ba

Dooku: Wtf Bro??!

Preview ec01c650 29fc 47c5 8416 815f7cc717fb

Wait what???

Preview caf55344 b5a2 4272 b50e 0b9dde059266
11 points

Classic smosby

Preview 2b57b8ec 0278 4eaa a57a 6b1abf220edf
11 points

There are snakes in this plane, Charlie Brown.

Preview d395280b 1458 49f8 83d3 fc28c0c43d58
18 points

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