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My dating life in a different nutshell...

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5 points

Where's my dinner? :(

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That's pretty big

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19 points

Is math related to science

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23 points

Gordon Ramsay's Son.

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10 points

Grabs popcorn

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Kazuma is my hero.

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2 points

If you look at the image upside down it looks like everyone's bored

Preview 211bc7ff 51de 4ead 9eac d0e7d077353f
2 points

Circular and possibly red...

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Lego Batman was a great movie for little hidden jokes like this.

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16 points

Stupid question

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14 points

They grow up so fast...

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15 points

Bartender was training last night and had to practice the entire specials menu, me and my sister got 17 free drinks out of it!

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20 points

Kublai khan would be proud

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100 points

Classic smosby

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2 points

There are snakes in this plane, Charlie Brown.

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7 points

Where the f is his head ?

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2 points

Khal Drogo's workout routine

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183 points

FRIENDS fans unite

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