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Startled with a side of derp.

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That moment, when you hope desperately the guy ahead of you won't take the last pigeon.

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Friend found this in a liquor store.

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Scottish Highlands.

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“I don’t know who made this mess! It was like this when I got here.”

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Personal space level: sweden

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Heck you

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An African baobab tree, estimated at over 1000 years old

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Eating circles

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Longest castle in the world

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It's yellow, in the middle

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Corner of a railyard in Vancouver used for smoking crack is decked out with a bunch of creepy ass mannequins

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The f*ck is this?

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Sitting on my notes just because they’re on the table, she even has a binder ring poking into her...

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That's sweet!

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O hai there

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Everyone deserves a pearl harbor

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We got rumbled.... 🤣

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12 points

Vegetal dinosaur terrorizing my neighbors

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These little guys are all over campus

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