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Excellent storage idea

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252 points

Hooman, what the fuck

Preview 1469087b 5579 48b4 ad0d a93b48f2020f
365 points

You know your board game is old when...

Preview 655a97f1 3c84 4b09 9077 e700b38b7ecc
272 points

Tree struck by lightning caught fire from inside

Preview b6f4aa30 ea10 49a0 927c 37602c72b934
160 points

The border between Belgium and the Netherlands

Preview 89cc97cf dc45 4904 8c9b b71bc0aa3d6b
151 points

You never know when you will need your lockpicks.

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252 points

Rofl didn't believe it until I tried it

Preview ce3e47d0 ad9d 4b88 917a b500911c8ecd
185 points

Found these in my old room at my Dad's house. Glad to see I had my priorities straight when I was 14.

Preview eadc43b0 27c3 4909 a53f af9ee6418f61
246 points

Unsure Doggo

Preview 5b4cbbe3 b854 4160 a6a2 346833d9254f
151 points

Not safe for work

Preview 3df05220 6350 46eb b4bc 34723574ab08
139 points

Walking down the hall when all of a sudden I hear something above me..

Preview b16bc1e3 71a0 486d b406 dd10ca56ae17
118 points


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112 points

I completed this awesome Lego Marvel Helicarrier :)

Preview a02f7a23 8826 409e 8962 12897ba7f20d
125 points

How you doing? :D

Preview fdeb3b05 6d9e 4da3 83c5 e43836bd04db
178 points

A good use of the Panorama function

Preview cd378cc8 b77c 4836 a1cc ed4ab7e7f0f9
219 points

The entrance to hell is less intimidating than I expected

Preview 11aa81ab f9ce 4617 bbde 0624a85f2a62
183 points

Fellow Brits know the struggle

Preview 4abb3952 0db6 4a05 a1d6 ae9e0affd097
162 points

The Shenzhen Airport is shaped like a plane

Preview eeb95695 ea42 47be b270 788176b19d3e
174 points

True words indeed...

Preview eaf0f272 a887 4c3a 8941 d9b9cc1f5d63
163 points

Never disappointed in Arizona

Preview 1df714bd 79d9 4660 b345 159e0f3b1390
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