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You guys ready? - alright, say "Cheese!"

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84 points

My pervert cat is watching my girlfriend take a shower.

Preview dda5a634 a8a7 4a91 a41b 042711b5274b
109 points

Bearded Dragon is in on the memes of today.

Preview 386d51ce a2ab 4c8e b970 06fa765ace0f
138 points

The jerk has his own bed

Preview fad1ed37 c17b 4a13 8104 0c806da5ab1a

Interspecies Friendship

Preview 1008519d 8993 4c4e a901 a3745266241e
114 points

No sitting!

Preview 9f68c466 959d 4bd5 8ca8 d0856274b968
115 points

The unmasking of scooby

Preview 75f90fde af5b 4a7b 9fee fd1a254627fd

Camel transport the way they do it in Saudi Arabia

Preview 6dee0618 53f7 43a9 8461 ddeca801025d
151 points

Can we have some railings here please?

Preview fe7afbb3 32bb 4bd8 b2d5 a33e09166479

puddles in Brazil

Preview 6e5152e2 a348 43f3 8d5b 2111f1b8e24f
112 points

He definitely has something else.

Preview 2e3c109f 3fdf 42fa 99fe 6a1d043dc268
106 points

Two dummies hung in a tree in Maryland today. Wtf?

Preview e3068f46 0917 424a b9b3 af11807351fc
119 points

Incredible penthouse overlooking downtown Beirut, Lebanon

Preview a8016192 5142 42ac 8212 3144a1cfe134
101 points

Me in the winyter vs me in the summer

Preview e7fbe710 b4ef 45f6 b931 b8dca6c675fa
112 points

I want to know who thought the bucket was a good idea

Preview 003ade87 88fb 483f a393 446d02e14264
83 points

You know what they say, whatever totes your scrote

Preview 0a3fb194 54f0 4584 ae06 f35f4da00c4d
149 points

Empty hallway inside Monserrate Palace in Sintra, Portugal

Preview a5b3f571 3e16 4a73 ab28 94ea7bf8aab0
86 points

The Original Perfect Timing Photo

Preview f07d180f 1586 4236 bbd8 98656438dc5a

I noticed a carpet beetle larva in my pipe after I finished smoking. No wonder it tasted funny

Preview 7c3c9726 4964 4987 871f d8a23db9e655
119 points

Currently renovating our floors. Seems everyone has come out of hiding.

Preview 3173d63a 3b45 4c20 9cfc 3932a2e327cf
113 points

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