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This approaching storm cloud a few minutes ago in Pennsylvania

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16 points

So many fake flamingos, but why?

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14 points

My Pantry

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Big albino snek

Preview 4030ae74 5105 4bdc b477 55a29a23139e
10 points

My dad's brush. Just a teeensy bit of hair product buildup from the last two decades.

Preview 73bd3c91 2179 45ab bd27 1d8cf6d41732
16 points

My outdoor cats can't get enough food. Think I figured out why.

Preview cb5b6e9e bbf4 42bf 8afc ddc62af05e57

Caught red-pawed. "What?! I didn't do anything! It's not like I've been exploring every shelf and open drawer for those delicious DOG treats!!"

Preview 2cc2de78 6d51 4af9 802d 01a6e9bdd135
17 points

Sea foam

Preview 73e3ee86 31c3 4d45 a54e db44b52bdf4c

I don't think you are passing through my stairs...

Preview 12899229 d7aa 4a69 81c5 f50976a95989

In Alaska ...

Preview 3eb1a452 5e3b 4369 ac65 99f110d8e994

Rejected Designs of The Eiffel Tower

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21 points

A couple german words I think are funny

Preview 48e4a68b 13b4 49c2 aed3 abe15beb5c17

The more you know!

Preview 57be32d2 143e 4382 a370 8a6e3c36f673
20 points

But then God said: "Who's a good boy?"

Preview fdf9a044 0a62 4774 b153 8467ad0c8bb5
13 points

This is one of the many reasons I dislike public transport

Preview 221580ca 0d30 47ae b13c 08258a48372c
21 points

Probably the best name tag I've seen

Preview 7e8030da 60a2 4b7e 9f4f 05d4a27c6263
128 points

When the lifeguard sends you down the wrong slide

Preview 638ab74c ea69 4db9 80f8 51892f51492d
19 points

The pattern the sun casted off the tree leaves during the solar eclipse right now is pretty cool

Preview 281cfaf6 b4f7 463b b37c 0c6abbc0edc2
9 points

IT Closet

Preview 45517450 ebf7 4534 b98c 4cca3c4296dd
16 points

Cloud Tree

Preview 2f26b251 2061 4f7b b67c af6a76f50045
8 points

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