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That's a risk, alright.

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81 points

Blowjobs are my forte

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70 points


Preview 513f42c9 9478 4eca 9215 7f8849eecf04
22 points

My dick is made of hard wood

Preview d34a9388 6372 4136 be06 956f88199524
70 points

My kid did an interview with her cat

Preview 2f296f13 1008 4042 af31 29b35ba4e39c
62 points

How TF am I supposed to poop?

Preview d5b872f5 a54a 4f49 b65d 4d463d708f79
66 points

When I grow up I wanna be...

Preview 6020d957 3bbd 4a16 8a61 fde2d7d5c0ce
23 points

Printed on a condom wrapper.

Preview 118f3e3f e699 4067 909a d8778a74269d
24 points

So the neighbor kids left us a note on our doorstep today.

Preview 7cac5222 d9c5 4b75 bacf dda624b3c821
23 points

Kid's got no chill.

Preview 90c3f92f ed38 441f ae3a fd489536ae26
42 points

Found this in a classroom.

Preview d478d8e8 0516 4f81 83d2 5514a8cd9cfb
85 points

Sticky Noted His Car


Teddy Roosevelt's diary entry from the day his wife died

Preview ebd6c574 119d 4e1d 92dc f41aad421ef3
23 points

My husband's drunk letter to himself

Preview f9957daf cfc4 42a3 83b0 450e8e7c0229
47 points

Artwork in my Algebra class

Preview 88931968 6f6c 45a1 b8ba b5b066bc1a01
20 points

Pathetic as well !!

Preview 5db9c3d2 fd6b 4a27 8151 d81ce030b14c
6 points

Yea sure he really needs it...

Preview 4561f426 1c52 4c07 b26a b8be5783da5e
20 points

Sam Brownback, pioneer of economic growth via massive tax cuts, cannot count to 18

Preview 20c969b1 cc3e 4e20 8c9b c6f6d361c981
42 points

So you can tell her to send nudes in code

Preview cc04b461 bd0d 4191 9667 531ee43a70da
202 points

My friend lost his phone so I wrote him a letter

Preview 9f269738 7a46 4a85 b860 f72b56c6a2af
7 points

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