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Home tab at it again...

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There really wasn't much to color here

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Paradise by the laptop light.. Blackfly season in Downeast Maine

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Paradise by the Laptop Light..

Preview e13bd157 30ef 4581 bf75 deab2224c816
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The cat just had to walk over my laptop

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Caught this today

Preview 7d0f65c0 25d5 40a9 a434 4062e5272053

So distraught

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Preview 5c03687c b8d6 4ac1 9a0c 604ccee2cef5
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Is it just me or does the IRS building sign look like a cards against humanity card?

Preview 384c55f8 ee53 430f 98f9 0cf9084d3818
101 points

That's a risk, alright.

Preview e0bc98f9 f4da 45a3 900f 0b1ea372b455
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My dick is made of hard wood

Preview d34a9388 6372 4136 be06 956f88199524
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My kid did an interview with her cat

Preview 2f296f13 1008 4042 af31 29b35ba4e39c
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Trump pls

Preview 3cd26074 3b1c 4b14 8e5f b03951e3fadb
22 points

This photo represents the difference between freshman and senior year.

Preview b9ab0a38 c4ab 4a7f a48a b7cbbe6653ab
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Studying for finals means battling for the keyboard

Preview 241a7425 d5ef 4096 bd7d 54334e93b251

That's okay. I don't really need to be able to see to play this game.

Preview 6cd4a962 261c 426f a03c ca30b74deca2

Leaned too far back

Preview 059c9aea d594 4fc3 b4d5 7d33a125e45c

I guess I just won’t check my email?

Preview 44cca44f a903 440a aa61 1d58b4477b04

When I grow up I wanna be...

Preview 6020d957 3bbd 4a16 8a61 fde2d7d5c0ce
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