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Anatomy of Songs

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171 points

I did dis

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162 points

Perfect timing in posting.

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111 points

Elevator in Mike Tyson's house.

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99 points

My aunt found a card that was supposed to be given to me 9 years ago. This was inside...

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64 points

Well that escalated quickly

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74 points

Trolling the system

Preview 15c73702 d4d1 4b16 9a0e 9dc375adb18d
107 points

*Ba dum tss*

Preview 7889ff4e 010c 4404 97a0 90e1d2c57847
112 points

What's the lowest you'll go on it?

Preview 5ede7f6a 5ce4 4f05 a198 8804c96c38f8
84 points

Do you remember?

Preview 71ed5cc0 72f6 4652 9e85 f3072bde3c2e
91 points

Happy New Year Reddit!!!

Preview f31667a0 ecf6 460b a0ca eefeb8e01ddf

Heres the problem I dont give a f**k

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105 points

i don"t have time for you bitch

Preview 7c5d3d2e 8e48 456e 8e2b dd079963cf36

I think FedEx wants to get back together...

Preview b6bf73ac 5026 4cec a8cb 193b4aca5a29
84 points


Preview 9c607104 fa2d 4b01 82c6 46a530e02dbf
91 points

Sex education is real.

Preview 057b2414 a920 4f0e a3f9 1122cdbd66ef

Ms. Moore I give you 1/2 a star.

Preview 57d30638 01d6 46c7 8147 4bd0d912d8a1
57 points

The struggle is real..

Preview 52a02740 e472 4a29 8d36 11f7e0c0195c
54 points

What would be your favorite button?

Preview d3c22106 4199 4aeb 8376 c87326735632
92 points

My wifes Vanity came with a piece that was to be discarded...makes sense.

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