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Breakfast in Brooklyn.

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147 points

You can ask anything you want to Jesus!

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246 points

This is accurate

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131 points

If u have a hacker mind..

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138 points

Give this kid a medal

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115 points

I feel sorry for the pizza guy...

Preview e07322a3 8a1c 4e8d 8a5b cd69e66ef6b1
116 points

Or is it just my mom?

Preview 7d7a4c90 b016 4c35 8f57 d2cdd47b87b2
80 points

Residence in the province 'Zuid-Holland' in the Netherlands will understand!

Preview baa2cfbb 29f0 436d 8d7b ef77a8e98e1f
176 points

Even my english book triggers austrians...

Preview a5a66769 a49d 46ef 81b8 d87cab52c1b8
162 points

WTF am I seeing

Preview fce3e5a3 28c4 4e3d af27 4790973fe3b7
270 points

Mine's black

Preview 454c01c4 64ed 4dec a635 8a0ef803899b
81 points

YouTubers click baits!

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223 points

Local weatherman burns daughter.

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249 points

When your grandma wants you to fix her computer

Preview ccda5937 c704 4c99 8060 3858270fe91c
155 points

The best kind of customer support

Preview 63da38aa be05 46f5 8735 d34695440411
167 points

What's yours?

Preview a856b3ea b69f 4827 939d b11dfb7b8eb3
349 points

Bring this content to hot, brothers and sisters!

Preview 3313888d 73e6 44c7 aa72 c0b3b21330eb
127 points

They are complicated

Preview 03b6dc3c c139 46f2 90e9 b28b13d1968b
131 points

I was ready to turn over my savings for these, but after reading the reviews I'm torn.

Preview 28fb008c 36d3 4059 8901 014391958382
150 points

Some men just want to watch the office burn

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141 points

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