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Undercover corgi

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20 points

A wild floof appeared!

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14 points

My doggo and I need dis for reasons

Preview 3b9f6cee c56d 4698 908c 5f085281ee07
20 points

Much cute

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14 points

You have been judged...

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24 points


Preview 87141bf7 add9 4fcc 9f30 38b994bf6d0a
24 points

Who's a good boy?

Preview d93cd4c6 07bc 4c5d 91b7 82b4f42f4dc3
69 points

The Corgi seed is strong

Preview 61511060 afb8 43af 83bd 0cb15c035351
23 points

Its a heckin tripod squad!

Preview 12bd95db f366 44c1 a5b8 444ab5b50211
79 points

Snuggle Buddies For Life

Preview 5ab05335 e1a6 4830 abf0 53abbf88a8a2
24 points

My best friend’s dog got into a chalk bucket and came out looking like David Bowie.

Preview 35ba61bb f63d 44a9 9412 01b38cf3a173
91 points

Stealth 100

Preview 40a36098 636c 4160 a13a 4a839233470b
20 points

Share with the other dog? Where?

Preview 46591127 6cd0 4b6c beec 88d05005cf12

The face of betrayal!

Preview 64bda59a be94 4680 b0fc 8e9832fb93f2

Shouted Dad to bring my phone charger downstairs.. He told me to "call the dog"

Preview 747bf33e d80d 44a4 ba9d d4aca33592a3
19 points

The dog was funny before it even said anything

Preview 970c255f 00d6 465b 877e 36f7103a0a5c

Undercover Corgi.

Preview c0357844 dd8e 459a 99ae 978f1e156170
66 points

Undercover corgi

Preview 5f5b0e60 11cc 43cd 9ad8 b63cf3d68aeb
20 points

He just sits!

Preview 3fc5c47a 6b4e 4ae8 aea3 063f8788176d
5 points

Corgi mixes are kind of just disguised Corgis

Preview 9f01eefa 5449 4540 bd83 4e9f74fbccd8

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