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Squishy Squashy

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The goodest boy

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79 points

Good doggo

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12 points

Good boy

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69 points

Son makes a heckin good hat

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They´re not going to make it to Hot, but meet my Good Boys (Belgian Malinois & Elkhound (with vitiligo))

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My awesome rescue Thunder Dog!

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After 9 years of being with us, my 16 year old lab-cross passed away today. She nibbled my fingers through the cage of the shelter cubicle a

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What have you summoned upon me?

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8 points

Me trying to handle life.

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12 points

Perfect resting spot

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10 points

Beautiful *wipes tear*

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Can I see your ID, please? Alright, thanks a lot! :D

Preview a323f1e0 2118 44cb ad51 2b1ff83aa530

My dog vs. other dogs

Preview e3ff2975 e1e8 4876 9c3b 431d952561b4

Wow is love. Wow is life

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2 points

Cookies for all of us!

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Only car guys will understand

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205 points

My hunting dog is on high alert

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109 points

Do you see an eagle?

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104 points

Very Excited Jack Russell Wins Our Hearts Even His Dog Show Run Isn't A Perfect One

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