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Having a bad day?

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This Great White Shark

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7 points

Magic carpet

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Worth the 5AM wake up call

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8 points

Cayo Santa Maria beach, Cuba

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Butterfly Shakib Khan Subhasree

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Airplane slicing through the clouds.

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9 points

Rob Gonsalves recently passed away. This is one of my favorite paintings of his. R.I.P. Rob.

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7 points

The oceans CEO

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7 points

F**k the System!

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69 points

Being seal-y with your friends

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"Oh, your tent has a waterproof seal? Mine has 8"

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A Dad captured this photo of his 10-year-old son surfing over a great white shark

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Just normal summer vacation in Russia

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Unusual Underwater Discovery

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3 points

Space view of Argentina (Uruguay and Chile too)

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My buddy upvoting his boating experience

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A dead Giant Squid that washed ashore in Indonesia.

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199 points

So Cute! Decorator Crabs Make High Fashion At Low Tide

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