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Lets us cross or we will throw the kids into the sea.

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Uploading a warship picture every day #218 german frigate Bremen and USS Iowa

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My mate is a commercial fisherman and on his last trip off the north coast of Australia he pulled in this Giant Squid carcass

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65 points

Milky Way over Monument Valley

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16 points

Monemvasia, Greece.

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21 points

Canadian Sunset

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Caribbean Sea choked to death by plastic and styrofoam waste

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The car tires make the sand spin

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Halloween Costumes

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Rays of Light

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Thanks for clarifying !

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Where the Namib Desert meets the Atlantic Ocean, Africa

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So cute, sadly anyone here can relate :(

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Total mind Melt.

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Seagull surfin

Preview c0135a1c cd3d 4979 ab2e d84b431397b0

Such a beautiful Merman

Preview 01b4af23 f0f4 40b5 b2e6 961bb6a953ed

You don't know about dolphin

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Who need colors anyway

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Twilight in Helsinki

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Took this photo tonight in Northern Ontario

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