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Well ok then...

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I'm having a really good day

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Money maker

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7 points

Got chewed out by my mom because I'm a pot head and she found my "pipe"

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22 points

Caught this on my tire in Mexican border town Reynosa, Tamaulipas this morning

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How about some proper respect for all of these civilian redneck hero's out saving lives?

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68 points

This note I saw outside of a restaurant

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62 points

College football fans make the best signs.

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Nice- I completely agree

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21 points

When you go to war but drop your gun

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79 points

This is by far the best science fiction show that I've ever seen and I think its getting way too less attention

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Police doing their things

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24 points

The new "make love not war"

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That awkward moment when...

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22 points

Body guards attack the lead singer for Red Hot Chili Peppers after mistakenly believing that he's a fan.

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24 points

Excellent store policy

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He's the only one who gets it: He didn't vote for Potus, he didn't create a war, he didn't kill anyone, but his tax money did.

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24 points

This revolver.

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82 points

If it works it works

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Just a normal day in murrica

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