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At the local baseball park

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5 points

Ahhh yeah

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Is this a thing?

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3 points

Kinda scary, isn't it

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7 points

This actually happend... 'murica!

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I'm happy that NS Word has saved my 400 year old document.

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9 points

Just Airsoft things...

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My sister's dog jumped the gate and then tried to dig herself back under

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Blue screen of death.

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11 points

"I love you"

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10 points

My life can never be easy can it

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9 points

Yea why the heck not

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27 Famous Guns That Played The Main Part In Popular Movies

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Sometimes you just have to tell it like it is

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*Looking in the fire* "I see a mountain" CONFIRMED GET HYPED #Cleganebowl

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My brother was speeding on a wet road on bald tires. Don't drive on bald tires!!!!

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109 points

O-o Well

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78 points

Just overthrowing capitalism, one Apple iPhone 7 selfie at a time.

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1 points

The new King of Thailand

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3 points

How to draw machine gun in 4 steps

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