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Guns & Sand Club

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130 points

I don't think someone is getting off the train...

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131 points

Drive Thru Dentist

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103 points

Saw this guy selling a “bull penis” as a walking cane.

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65 points

Florida kids learn "policing"

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105 points

Inspirational Quotes at a Student Fair in Cambodia. One Doesn't Quite Belong.

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117 points

Solid life advice

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113 points

Lionel Waldo Richie in Houston, Tx.

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83 points

My sister sent me a perfectly timed pic of her friend spilling multiple coffees. Definitely belongs here

Preview 73e9bc43 9ab5 42d8 93d1 e3c55de945fa

while exploring a petting zoo.

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130 points

The cost of a case of Gatorade in Seattle at CostCo because of the new "sugary drink tax".

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93 points


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It's always time for alcohol...

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116 points

This car was completely intact 2 days prior. Abandoned near a store known for vagrancy.

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94 points

Car drives off the same austin parking garage and cheats death on Sep 9, 2016

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101 points

The thug life chose Josie.

Preview eea55141 14bc 439d be63 c866f64839bd

Finally! An honest yard sign

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94 points

Irish customer service......

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93 points

Negan VS Lori

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