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Holy crap

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20 points

It works the same with despacito. Best way to wake up in time!

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16 points

But he was fast

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9 points

Flashlight App

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10 points

Santa is real :D

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13 points

It's on the internet so it must be true

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18 points

Roses are red and I got numbness in legs

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15 points

It's the universal truth

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10 points

One ticket to hell

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9 points

He's writing...

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13 points

This building looks 2D

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14 points

I may not be a computer scientist, but I can tell the difference between a hard drive and a power supply

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18 points

I could not believe my eyes

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17 points

Emergency exit

Preview 2a64dda1 0fba 4a29 bbad 9544b8a0a790
8 points

A corner drawer.

Preview b031d163 6100 470b b042 e708d6991ee5
8 points

I became an uncle 2 months ago. Here's my brother trying his very hardest at parenting.

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6 points

Hey.. HEY.

Preview db8f5f2d 6e3b 4586 ba75 11f7ef280308
21 points

Truth is spoken

Preview 5f955c19 e3bc 4ff6 8ede 41b0aeab89a4
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Nice headgear

Preview 385cd120 bcb8 485b aea0 6d251eff3721

How These 12 Famous Actors Looked Before Going Bald

Preview 48224c4e 0a92 48cc 8671 989a0b7cfebd

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