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We got rumbled.... 🤣

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12 points

How to perpetuate your ghost

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13 points

Fite me !

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11 points


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9 points

Abdeen Palace, the residence of the president of Egypt, in Cairo

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18 points

Got this poster for attending a Ghibli Marathon last night

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76 points

Dear Algebra

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73 points

I didn't make this...

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23 points

Art from grime on the back of a truck

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56 points

People were asked to write down their fear at a museum exhibit

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66 points

Do not read this

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80 points

My new IPad case Vs my 2 cats : Guess who won?

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You should have taken me to the park today, hooman.

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The Golden Girls always throwing shade

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77 points

Spotted in my institution's natural sciences building.

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16 points

Warm and inviting library in Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado.

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22 points

Feels bad man

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19 points

Pedestrian crossing in Pompei, AD 79

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22 points

Fig trees are damn stubborn.This one is living in a concrete wall.

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23 points

Found this at Goodwill

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