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When you want that 2 pane, energy efficient feel but don't want to pay for it.

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132 points

I can't wait to bring my friends to my murder house

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169 points


Preview 7ef69623 915d 470f bbca 1b57c6900ef8
142 points

Nearly perfect timing. A swift at the Alhambra, Granada

Preview 7332e391 1ca6 44c9 a88b 4c4c047bfe01
119 points

I can't read this chalkboard without singing it in my head

Preview 559e3dda 0882 46a9 b6e7 fef4b840adae
163 points

Yeah, I’m okay with no hot water...

Preview 857ef620 1bf4 45ad 8866 fc359ec50d44

Weakness disgusts me.

Preview 48750e7c aa22 420a b9f9 9a021639d72a
155 points

See the broken glass on top of the fridge? Guess where the extra coffee pot used to be.

Preview 42605c30 e6c5 4c5e a2cc 23af712bbdcf

Stupid bumper sticker.

Preview 712775fc f5c7 4f2f 9d96 ad11111d1b00
145 points

Emus being jerks

Preview c2ac79ba 597e 420d abeb 2c5969dfca08

Swedish fans.

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115 points

Low budget

Preview 2c615c5d 8a56 4daf 8c51 156ca8a968d3
174 points

My niece’s veil blew off. But they caught it

Preview e386d6f5 d17f 4dc0 85b6 14b3ad1721c8
213 points

Cute things to call your girlfriend.

Preview 9ba5be79 0162 4990 98cd f4c3aa6cda53
168 points

Cricket infested

Preview f63c5b1e 9572 4fc3 a9ef e563fe1e44aa
139 points

Walked into a convenience store to get some snacks and this caught my eye.

Preview f0807ab8 cb8d 4f2d aa2e 1459ecee97c3
124 points

What is this supposed to say???

Preview 53c3ad7e a21b 42aa 9316 166a927f52a3
133 points

I'm pretty sure this is how you die in a fire

Preview a7f1a284 72a2 4973 b8e7 c128deb264ec
135 points

Doll House

Preview 176ee324 145b 4a14 a24e 919fcdc4c52b
97 points

Best job description ever

Preview e467c26d a737 4b98 bdae 4adc04041154
155 points

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