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Just living my life...one dank motto at a time.

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3 points

Might be the evilest carpet I've seen

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58 points

It will take you to a whole new world.

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67 points

Crappy internet can kill

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93 points

When you’re the problem child

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87 points

One last trick up his sleeve...

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111 points

“Shopping list” , fridge art by 4-yo

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113 points

According to these instructions I need two Vietnamese people to help me assemble my dining room table

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118 points

Thank's cat, really helpful

Preview f434bbde 1bc2 4a3a 8376 ab31d4d00101

Walking on through my park, learning about the local Flora

Preview 09fb3e02 f732 419f 84a0 302d612381ee
108 points

A Funeral to Behold

Preview e4cec102 4704 4845 b90f 8e19652a4b6c
110 points

Inside Amalienborg 3rd floor, what it feels like to be a Danish king.

Preview 23825d69 ad02 4529 b2da 670bd23802b0
75 points

LAPD: Basically don’t call us about coyotes.

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122 points

This guys business card

Preview ab91c783 b280 440a b59b 6acaa1a0ba0f
98 points

This medieval illustration

Preview 13cc14f8 8ee5 4c41 bdbe 1bb1bd81361b
96 points

I sat next to a........

Preview 05633c63 6bc1 4a31 9ec5 3376b91c4102
70 points

1977 Sgt. Rock Comic Has a pretty good point.

Preview a82014b2 ee7a 4b6a b2c3 de57cfb7d4be
76 points

Seems legit

Preview 13a1e9f5 ebd5 4a7f bd32 a00606450b27
75 points

While we're on the subject, here's MY dog sitting on the roof after breaking through a second story screen.

Preview 03d86264 a914 4db3 a568 d008eec12102

Brendan, the old soul of pre-K

Preview 338365e1 3d4d 4494 a359 84d04ba65b3e
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