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When my husband thought it was a good idea to pick me up while standing dangerously close to the creek after our wedding

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His foot

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I swear this wasn’t staged and I can explain.

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Right before impact.

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78 points

I can smile too!

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Alex Honnold after another death defying free solo climb.

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She better not be afraid of roadrash...

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The shoe kills me every time I see this

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Poor Engineers...

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Want to take bets on whether she can fly?

Preview ecf28641 a18b 4709 972e 5be0d72ed9fe

This dude going down the sidewalk working out

Preview f74666db d2a4 46be 960a 15f67137b052
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Trampoline whoops

Preview 031ec1b9 856b 4162 ae98 1f3a1f98265a

Line was too long

Preview 5bc2c25a dca6 4df1 9d15 af985923cc1a
54 points

The start of a war between siblings

Preview 8a5436bb ec8f 4940 a963 b10e20cf421f

I “FAIL” off my bike!

Preview 58d61a30 108b 4a55 b8f7 31f95cfcc5ef

The Food line ups.

Preview 58f539b2 d49f 4606 ab65 1c8154951222
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My mom is in Germany on business.... evidently its also Oktoberfest. She sent this to me this morning

Preview 4fbab498 6ce5 4cd4 b020 6bc41ce7e9f9
111 points

She's going to be there a while

Preview 25647be6 0f82 484c 8d58 69d3b3d34193
96 points

God damnit

Preview f5e651c1 c984 4d06 94ec 831c278ebfac
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