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But officer, I was just following instructions

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43 points

A more accurate depiction of dating tall women

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82 points

The Ford line up looks good.

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74 points

Professor just started updating the course site and added this photo

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73 points

Sorry m'ladies

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85 points

The unmasking of scooby

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Epic battles in movies.

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80 points

The rolling spread eagle.

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62 points

It is the third day since Oregonians have started pumping their own gas

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85 points

I don’t think I’ve ever seen that color.

Preview 98d324c3 be04 4df1 82af 84d3c5e82e2b
83 points

bubble being popped

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Because Jesus already did walking on water

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This hiking trail...

Preview 4226df88 9c7f 4bcc a92c 07c9181a1d7a

Caught a heron mid-snack

Preview 553a00fa 9b8f 4292 b9f4 28f0a75dcf68

Happy day everyone

Preview f1e95551 1581 4e22 bc77 bd51ca90c2df
52 points

Taking your cat on a hike

Preview 9c7f6d13 8d5b 46c1 8e35 005e9f25ca40
23 points

Me getting hit by a wave at Mavericks, 2010

Preview 872290fb f0a5 4f44 8ede 27555a376636

It snowed in Texas last night. Here’s what the traffic message boards told us.

Preview 434da2cc c101 4a53 93f0 3e8b00fb390d
65 points

This fly that landed on a flower I was photographing.

Preview 09967b15 7f3c 4d47 bac0 ba7ffeef5a02

Just your friendly reminder that the voice of Goku was the same voice actor as Rolf from Ed, Edd, & Eddy.

Preview ab3f82bf d63a 48e2 a12a 32488fffa5fb
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