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Most of Reddit when it was down

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257 points

Maybe we should start swapping more than faces

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155 points

Confined Space Familiarization training in the U.S. Army

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Escaping the Wave

Preview 8243106e 0398 4814 9666 8554f41cf387
145 points

My dad was giving me a lesson as to why women live longer

Preview 26cf8f7e d042 4c44 8d4a 4e2877baf244
145 points

Me levitating my way to victory.

Preview 037b28da cb7b 478f b180 7e206c00d9dc
129 points

My son throwing a baseball against a bounce back while I photographed from behind it.

Preview 4167315a 14b8 4cbb ab24 8dde8bf83367
114 points

Caught my boy in mid fall 😂

Preview d69604c3 1733 4527 a2ac 719ee91a8010

Swinging shirt looks like a crow chillin

Preview f9d68dbd c28e 40a3 920d f7d47c2b317a
120 points

Are you a believer?

Preview 2beffcf5 5ca6 46eb 8153 4e76c0544823

Motorcycle yoga

Preview 62296286 520e 4100 bb07 6911c046759f

Nice try

Preview 0ea4bc12 bda3 487d b8dc ca5e3d96d0c8

My mom captured the exact moment my son witnessed my dad falling off his ladder.

Preview 72febb08 af9a 410b a2ce a36aae7d70da
109 points

Shhhh.. let it finish.

Preview e0adcfc2 e64e 47bd 9f88 954e8745fbb3
127 points

Baby delivery - the old fashioned way

Preview 1077a2d1 c7ab 4e65 bf22 c5fe517ef6ca

Some of us Progressed Beyond This

Preview c5ab24ab e191 4719 9344 de2896790bcd
108 points

trying to catch a water balloon

Preview aae7dc8b 9f38 4ade b099 043a16c8871f

My friend managed to hit himself in the face while lifting the league trophy

Preview a257c05c 1385 41a0 84fd d1e43fd004a9
114 points

As a Houstonian, this is the most 'Houston' thing I've ever seen.

Preview b5bc9ac2 286b 4d75 a506 318a0b3f3f53
112 points

A mountain bikers suspension "fully compressed"

Preview 42afa687 4b2e 42c8 be9b ab04a67c6963
121 points

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