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Meanwhile in Germany

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17 points

He still got a hit.

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Bring back the old memes

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16 points

Hey man where is the ball? -I don't know!! keep searching!

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13 points

This guy high-fived "The Todd" from Scrubs while dressed as The Todd

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70 points

Russian Armed Forces selfie

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14 points

It takes many tries to get that perfect photo

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3 points

Co parenting at it's finest

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6 points

The Most Provocative Fashion Show Ever: Base On True Story Of Sexual Violence

305 points

Miss New Zealand falls unconscious in Miss Universe competition 1954. No one gives a shit

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273 points

It has been 10 days, they still haven't noticed i'm a chicken.

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164 points

I present you: The Dutch army getting ready to fight off the Nazies (didn't go very well)

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125 points

Ok, now a serious one

Preview 632a69e7 b78f 4bdd 814b 6821225b3d03
97 points

If Leo DiCaprio didn't cut it as an actor

Preview 61d00515 52bc 4503 9f9b 115eea6cd5f7
144 points

OMG! Mexico's Sexiest Weather Girl Yanet Garcia In Her Red Lingerie! (NSFW)

1,320 points

No guessing needed

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180 points

Man, this thing is really jammed up there!

Preview b8d4c265 c83c 44c9 8fa3 67526022ed24
250 points

The derpiest throw of all time.

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118 points

Soccer player kicks some balls.

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