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A heartwarming series of Pic....Oh

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What goes around comes back around

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59 points

This suck, military version.

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22 points

How about we start posting sad memes

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16 points

Who love doggies and cats too?

Preview 08f94c67 4a09 4bcd 9207 e6a71e999d66
23 points

You're in a good mood aren't you?

Preview 850eafd3 3b1e 47c3 beb3 6d299cacd5fd

Be woke, people. This is the truth.

Preview 69a6bd1a e2be 4ae7 8ff6 50c0d0730d15
60 points

Land of the free, home of the hazards!

Preview ea04bdb9 563a 48f2 b756 a900d67c86a3
22 points

10 Dangerous And Bizarre Sex Positions You've Never Heard Of

Preview 33412349 0a98 43e1 a9b5 9d8ff35b0972
75 points

Superman's interview for the daily bugle

Preview e0e517e6 b504 4099 ad94 a00d09f517e2
75 points

Wo doesn't love science jokes ?

Preview 34473d65 81ca 4221 a71b 7d24e0c1ca7e
104 points

Simple geometry

Preview 2df2ced2 fb35 4e16 81f6 5289506643b6
20 points

No comment

Preview b38fde84 33e8 4399 b131 030a65fe4362
19 points

A romantic.

Preview f2ba4ff5 5364 457c 9c1f 96cf3f9b6beb

Found this on internet today. I thinks it's accurate.

Preview 1fd30474 9c0d 4080 a2df fa72290ad7e8
4 points

Neat asf

Preview d3fab4f2 0b35 4f2f 90dd 963ec1fb369d
48 points

Damn choina

Preview 7911ea9d 98ac 4a8d b132 baeec1fdc262
17 points

As someone with low self esteem, it's amazing when it happens

Preview 49a1fb4b 6fa8 43b5 832d 55f3071108b4
17 points

Your ass

Preview 266c8b78 efa6 4658 b585 3af2c324f82d
15 points


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