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Hawk gives no fucks 🔥

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Gray owl about to catch dinner

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Gray owl about to catch a mouse

Preview a2d1387a 47ab 4bb1 b7d6 3caa8bb400ae

Mouse's last moment

Preview 61b90786 17cf 418a a03e e7903d3d59aa

When I switch from regular jeans into high waist ones.

Preview 3cc7aac6 9620 4d16 8caa 5810f41b4553
21 points

Ooh I'm invisible!

Preview b9c7c93b 14ae 449b 970d 341c312716a5
20 points

Caution: To Avoid Melting, Do Not Place Owl in Direct Sunlight

Preview 61f37c6d 02b7 47f8 9f54 d394fac2625c
43 points

If you are having a bad day, say hello to the owl of hearts

Preview 1e07d1ca 0100 4a2a 978e 10ef1c7bc015
46 points

My life is a lie.

Preview 1072c511 8c56 4ba5 b44b bab5f3fcf23d
48 points

Photobombed by a wasp

Preview 2c9e1e8a 5494 489a 9c6d f420518a8e3e
11 points


Preview a42d0ce7 2e99 4f0e 8a8f 0c6f422e25ff
14 points

Fake toons

Preview 09f6d998 d041 4bec 9099 ca808197353c
51 points

Sources of evil

Preview 04f61934 97fd 4348 ad08 ec5e60e4fa8b
24 points


Preview 888e05f3 bbdc 4a5d 951f e728dd8b6a35
77 points

Meet my new friend, Sweet Potato!

Preview 4e23a177 006c 418b aa78 f42eb7260c1b
22 points

Scroll along, nothing to see here...

Preview 9609d89c e76f 4903 b5cc deb3b0413499
16 points

My best colleague (I work to the 19th floor)

Preview e261d638 13a6 4699 8ea8 dd25c44f616e

I'll just sleep here

Preview fc809834 5ca5 42f0 8fdf 972a6e581811
39 points

Amazing owl camouflage

Preview 1f5e0f04 02c6 4712 a3b9 8d3e70d93adb
45 points

You want Sum fluff ???

Preview 7aab2fc8 eb4c 4af4 99c9 b6378af9a39b
23 points

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