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I saw this in my “hip ‘n happening” neighbors bathroom during our annual garage crawl last weekend.

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Ordered a lens on eBay. Seller forgot to send the lens hood with it and sent it out separately. Sent me a note and a packet of crisps. What a legend!

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We are what we eat....Vegetarians beware!

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That is very expensive Masturbation

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Friend who goes to UCLA just sent me this

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Bargain! Yes that white stuff is mould.

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Mmm biscuits

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Little bit of extra protein in the granola bar this morning...

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Dammit Grant...

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Found this old pic in my phone.

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This coconut water with an attitude

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Interesting new flavour

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Married lyfe

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This sign for La Croix at my local grocery store

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120 points

Choose your fighter

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97 points

Quite the Pear 🍐

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119 points

The Perfect Snack to Get You Though the Day

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88 points

Mathecatics Equation

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102 points

I mean, if you’re offering

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