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The Perfect Snack to Get You Though the Day

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70 points

I mean, if you’re offering

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88 points

The code works

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82 points

It's Morphine Time...

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95 points

KFC’s apology in the Sun newspaper today.

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63 points

This eight-year-old is going places

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93 points

Was reading my daughter a story. She asked what was wrong when I stopped to reread the last line a number of times.

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69 points

Slut bunny

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56 points

Something terrible happened here...

Preview 08597662 20f6 4444 9481 9ad3beddad06
61 points

The dangers of marijuana

Preview 908ea6ff 8271 4c34 92dc 96690efeda21
77 points

My Six Year Old Son Pointed Out When You Hold A Clif Bar Upside Down It Looks Like “The Last Moment Of That Guy’s Life”

Preview c42e8b05 1306 45c3 955b d2a8693b54d1
61 points

Our local Chick-fil-A and Moe’s BBQ had a little argument through their signs

Preview 3c4ca402 f518 44d7 87f7 ece6982688af
58 points

Saw this in a cafe in Budapest.

Preview 2af51c03 038c 41be 89f6 e2be354059cd
53 points

Pick your fighter

Preview 92336a64 d314 4203 84a7 ebee269bfd1e
85 points

Misfortune Cookies

Preview 6d749560 27c2 4e16 884f 7e3cf44459e7
83 points

Does this mean they work?

Preview 16630c3f f3d8 4684 86fb cf29da97bc8a

Told them to write joke on each box...

Preview f251f869 1e0e 473d a093 7b90390b661c
107 points

I hope it's next Monday...

Preview 17dd2a0c e5fd 4477 9c09 e3ffc25d411f
79 points

The Icelandic Penis Museum

Preview fe1b3c69 793e 4254 8828 15e74f74308a
95 points

How to seriously fuck with people

Preview d8a20288 5c70 41d4 929c f2cf437eabe5
78 points

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