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When you use the google translate to make your homework

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118 points

My local Dunkin Donuts drive through speaker broke. They’re using a baby monitor now.

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161 points

The best Santa

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143 points


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182 points

Emus being jerks

Preview c2ac79ba 597e 420d abeb 2c5969dfca08

I will have 6 of those please

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183 points

Ordered a lens on eBay. Seller forgot to send the lens hood with it and sent it out separately. Sent me a note and a packet of crisps. What a legend!

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164 points

Jack on Pepper Jack

Preview da21e1b5 d0a0 402c b6f5 b850e3069525
109 points

We are what we eat....Vegetarians beware!

Preview 23b3443a 526b 4a5c b846 8d05b6a6968c
94 points

That is very expensive Masturbation

Preview f57b82fd 5d1f 4d27 992a 7914e72ebe00

Friend who goes to UCLA just sent me this

Preview 358f6ff5 9513 4703 b1a5 0063e56942df
80 points

Someone donated 30 year old cereal to a food drive.

Preview ce76ebd2 20ae 4f23 b0c4 0d780f2d4986
189 points

Bargain! Yes that white stuff is mould.

Preview e9a8feba 68ef 4f8d 8913 eed47d3b273a
200 points

Super Dick with Huge Knackers

Preview 69b44a5f f8c7 402f 8c13 9f848408edc0
128 points

Mmm biscuits

Preview 2da0d701 7552 4d31 b71e 6202605baa0b
120 points

Little bit of extra protein in the granola bar this morning...

Preview 1bff9956 d6fb 4918 aa65 2639de89a3b8
112 points

Dammit Grant...

Preview 05474084 3692 431a 8791 64c0a69235fc
120 points

A professional mom

Preview 2dc21458 8f76 472a 8206 5b5e889841d1
108 points

Found this old pic in my phone.

Preview 78ba3a60 1b4a 41ac bf9c 47144d4c7de9
124 points

This coconut water with an attitude

Preview 2d683185 a563 4941 a3c5 a84a0f512f70
109 points

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