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I almost missed it!

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5 points

My daughter drew her little brother photobombing her art class self portrait

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5 points

Found an interesting album

Preview 39bc59c1 65b9 4ef1 9a44 c016ca00a310
21 points

I just wanted to enjoy my candy.

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22 points

Marriage life

Preview 71e5e393 5e80 46e2 9e3b 1b6518ef089c
91 points

Who ever Tom is, his onion picking game must be on point

Preview 57b6d109 da82 4738 ae09 5793e4e6a628
85 points

I'm confused

Preview 4114128c 3072 4680 9f6e 5064f5702f88
21 points

Bon apple teeth

Preview c191b083 b74e 4809 a92f 51bcc9a898b3
23 points

He's not allowed within 300 meters of a school of fish

Preview 69f4690a 1eae 43d4 9521 8f7699485629
18 points

My mom finally opened her present I gave her in 1998.

Preview 738a5a2d a022 49cb a7dd 304866be5208
83 points

A stack of f**ks

Preview e2f49729 9e20 4ae3 8551 d34a68859446
80 points

Best served with crackers.

Preview 588ee0fa b24a 48ea b2a4 2dbca7a5e145
22 points

Halloween tea.

Preview 98a96d6c b6d0 4b7f be59 3e91cbe32d2c
68 points

two dads

Preview a41c927f 8e13 497f 91a5 93c0955938ec

Please Do Not Sit In This Chair

Preview e9de379f 7895 4d70 9597 9e88176ef596
99 points

Add bacon to your chocolate shake

Preview f30c9254 90cf 4422 be0c 1d51ef04fecf
16 points

Children's back to school stationary...

Preview 4fce15b5 1a33 4ce3 8669 45d1e1bfea01
19 points

Surely a career highlight for any vending machine refill person

Preview 0a0a2a3e f988 4226 ab08 69b4f32200b0
68 points

I just saw this in a shop in Tottenham, London.

Preview a3378e2f c93b 4a9e be3e a2ae2da93fa1
22 points

Found some erasers on sale. A for Apple, B for Boy, N for ....

Preview 0e43b0dc 3043 479b 88a9 30a765882576
17 points

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