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This guy tho

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44 points

Bag of Flour

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74 points

Beautiful Radio

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56 points

Perfect timing in posting.

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When you're home for Christmas and it's time for your parents' annual computer maintenance

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71 points

I just got my Cards Against Humanity day three gift. I had a good chuckle and thought you all might enjoy the thoughtful letter.

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72 points

When your flash update looks like this in Germany, you get nervouse

Preview 93e0b750 c2eb 4b3b 81c1 b6da9409672a

That's a bit harsh Steam

Preview ef8f675a 654b 42ef af18 211ad64a9aec
62 points

Hue Jackman

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69 points

F**king Luis

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54 points

Not mine...still love it

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58 points

Well that escalated quickly

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47 points

This kid's going places

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53 points

True even online

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45 points

Family now days

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23 points

Probably my favorite post from Ken M

Preview bcfd568a 7329 4528 8f22 cc3f92f76abb

Fair enough, actually...

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57 points

*Ba dum tss*

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46 points

On snowy days

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Mum said no

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33 points

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