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Who wants to play?

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192 points

Gmail filtered their own message into spam

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146 points

Google Search

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150 points

Let me stop you doing that if I may, just for a moment


Our office is so competitive...

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94 points

they have no idea

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129 points

This teacher’s been a teacher before

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152 points

Joan Rivers dedicates her book to someone special

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124 points

The Irony...

Preview 390f3c53 0028 444b a413 5e4a161fd547

I checked my facebook memories , and I almost died laughing , I didn't plan for this .LOL

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Yeh, i know. Thanks for that.

Preview cacb7e30 b342 4dc7 83e8 fdd4b32bcabe
121 points

My wife found this in a parenting book, we have toddler triplets

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104 points

Don't pick up the phone... Im online!!!

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122 points

Why can't my phone connect to the wireless?! Only Sometimes?!!?

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133 points

Got this Captcha making a gmail account ):

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112 points

Got me for a second

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139 points

This is that field

Preview fa06b310 a1a8 422d 9fd7 643ea9e4339e
93 points

10/10 answer

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107 points

Want serious answers people

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135 points

Comment a bad pickup line

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120 points

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