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Looks like Michael Scott started a small business in Turkey.

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12 points

Turkish Michael Scott

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24 points

Not enough of these on 9GAG nowadays.

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58 points

The Smurfs

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22 points

Our cat is very confused with our new picture.

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16 points

My name is Ezio Meowditore da Firenze. Like my father before me, I am a catssassin

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18 points

When the teacher said you have 5 more minutes

Preview 8ae174af 5f3e 4a89 8565 4d83f9eccefd
20 points

These have to be stopped

Preview e8832cfa 1671 4cde b0d8 3d1caa558817
21 points

Good song

Preview ff805b00 251e 4090 87a0 ffea472ad2cf
16 points

What a great family picture

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My mom has had an empty picture frame hung for months now, so I figured I would fill it for her.

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16 points

The perfect wall doesn't exis-

Preview ebcc08b8 bcfa 4b59 bd3a 555e54295285
21 points

Cause they're dank af

Preview f95e76b2 b6f8 42fb aa05 ab82db38fb29
15 points

This is hanging in a modern art museum in St. Petersburg, Russia

Preview a7b1c996 880b 46b2 b0e3 6356f2811011
98 points

Now i'm hungry...

Preview f17716c3 13a4 4484 ab89 46a12aa115ed

Mom spaghetti

Preview b54f0322 8839 423d 8788 1b7ff93bb8c1
14 points

What nice ink and figure

Preview 7ae4ddaf 7783 4b80 b897 116e10697c1b
16 points


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2 points

Random fact

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91 points

1,440 items found in the stomach of a psychiatric patient suffering from pica

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