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My grandpa has the same christmas tree for 73 years

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93 points


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95 points

Goddammit Gary!

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146 points

Girlfriend got me this blanket!

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74 points

Selfmade memes are the best memes

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120 points

Early 1900's Santa Claus

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69 points

Oldie but hilarious

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65 points

When the kid wakes up

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122 points

Replaced my little sisters graduation photo with one of the supreme leader 3 weeks ago. Dad still hasn’t noticed.

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65 points

My son ran out of clean sheets, but thankfully my wife found these packed away in the basement. Nostalgia overload.

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104 points

When your son has to decorate a bag for Christmas..

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77 points

Food for thought

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60 points

Happy New Year! - 1910s post card

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70 points

From now on, this is my favorite Disney princess

Preview 31393275 3d44 4781 88df e287115e3fbc
57 points

Just rereading my Far Side books and found this gem that my younger self never caught the meaning of

Preview f5ea6397 39a9 43db a368 e13990ce705b
102 points


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58 points

Most stressful 10 seconds of my life

Preview 49aee9ad 95d1 4ac5 8e62 209527cafe8a
90 points

Mama mia

Preview d5aff7e7 74c1 497c 86e6 b2b2cf954070
66 points

A picture hanging inside a carpet store in Georgia

Preview 14f1d9b2 3ffe 4ec9 b5d9 a527e550d874
69 points

I painted a little piece of the Universe

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50 points

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