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Our IT guy just sent us a picture of him in his youth. Some people are destined.

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124 points

Guy Turn Himself And His Shiba To Be "Beauty And The Beast" Is Astonishing

218 points

Whatcha doing there buddy?

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111 points

Make my girl happy. (She got talent to be honest)

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111 points

Absolutely disturbing

Preview 95d64602 34fe 4a20 932a 10b7e66f1e75
80 points

To the guy who asked how a where a centaur gets pregnant...

Preview 37fe8c4b c38b 42d3 a08a 9c3b233cee45
124 points

When you think that you are finally escaping the friendzone....*flies away*

Preview 07b5b003 3864 4c5f bfa8 335b2da90da1
103 points

BigFoot love

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138 points

I don't know why... but I think it's very cute :D

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73 points

Surprise attack

Preview 7520732d 8795 4214 b1f3 13b1cb9d6ec3
285 points

Middle-earth inspired map of the Earth

Preview d9b37f96 9ec6 49d9 8a7f fcc395c54f0f
122 points

If at first you don't succeed..

Preview 83351a30 f207 4288 a799 743fe1a81e8b
222 points

Welcome to the company

Preview e7ef90fd aa91 464d a508 e762294b5a66
139 points

This guy...

Preview 73f30c49 8ad0 4a73 a0ef 8664a1bc09e2
110 points

Rate my skills

Preview 8a31cd90 ce09 4392 897c 60052c653f81
83 points


Preview 5f2fec95 5fb7 4b78 a130 460e57a7cb80
96 points

Nailed it

Preview b0ce9733 0fe9 46a4 9eaf 9fe3abc508d6
82 points

Art Level : Asian

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