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Saint-Hilaire church, Mortemart, France

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12 points

Nope. I don't know what it is, but Nope.

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16 points

Invisible basketballs

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22 points

Inktober day 20. (deep)

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62 points

How People Imagined The Future 100+ Years Ago

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24 points

Good night

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59 points

Garfield gone wild.

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57 points

One more day to go!

Preview ae2fc967 6f56 4d97 b472 c90318f00071

Ancient Sri Lankan warrior wearing a Devil’s Mask

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10 points

All natural

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60 points


Preview 0a8f7923 54a9 435f a3e8 7c3434e2420b
78 points

A mouse that my mom has left in her basement for over 5 years.

Preview 7e6f8939 f7d3 4f88 bc53 2c81d97933e8
69 points

It's today

Preview 3b6812b2 dc04 4519 b8e4 7a95d5572c62
60 points

This Clifford book is dark AF.

Preview db54d71c b32b 4173 9292 088ca4a65dc3
20 points

My hotel had a “special requests” box when reserving. I told them I feel more at home with a framed photo of Christopher Walken

Preview 72c35938 2bbd 4ef2 a0f5 d68577f5c920
19 points

Two lesbian horses 69

Preview 2be7a0ba 82f9 476e a78b 7a13ad14799d
81 points

Interesting taxidermy

Preview 47b8ee11 f17d 49c4 894d d21bc4ca2af1
17 points

Since I really love travelling, Finally got my first tattoo

Preview e202ee71 0494 4155 ab10 42f082bf718b
74 points

Possible phone wallpaper #131

Preview afa45489 f276 4d6b a5b8 4703092fe401
9 points

Japan has claw a claw game where instead of stuffed animals you try to grab live Lobsters and Fish....

Preview 44c4c338 ae18 4b92 9752 cfe66dae9f72
14 points

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