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When cooking pasta suddenly becomes the cookie monster.

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177 points

In case you were wondering. This is what fire sprinkler "water" looks like after a mere 15yrs sitting stagnant in the pipes.

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112 points

Think again

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114 points

Took a picture of some cooking bacon right when the grease popped

Preview 85d4c72e 880c 47e2 beba 8db78d3162db

What else would you buy a mercedes for?

Preview c57740f4 d64e 464e 8491 a2b44755c5fb
140 points

Hibachi on the cheap.

Preview 119c32b4 7802 4fbf 852f 9901c015189e
114 points

Reason To Wear A Seat Belt

Preview 417bf7a5 25e4 4176 878b 40919272c346
164 points

The Empire Fries Back

Preview f0b6d098 61e7 4ab2 a01e 0776e58960a6
64 points

found in Coles brand "chicken necks"

Preview c48a12da 1256 4205 8b05 393ebecdf541
119 points

Stuffed possum

Preview 04d8f646 a7b9 46e9 bf6a 922d0ec55577
72 points

Dinner is ready!

Preview 46de1a9c 409f 43d6 af46 3028b9f3bdca
65 points

Egg and gge

Preview 7e18b859 0aff 4b5a 8e06 efb7ca944db3
104 points

This water reached hot anyway

Preview fad6fb28 b92b 4da6 b91c e1c45c6b38f1
204 points

Yup. Perfect

Preview 4df4cd3b 75a8 4fdd ac91 1493fad6e429
91 points

The monstrosity

Preview c10eedb1 fa77 45e6 ba89 f4a00d12f2fd
79 points

Popular german dinner...

Preview d66feb2b 7a13 414f 8c2c b91116c0ba69
88 points

The world in an eggshell

Preview 7103ff2e 8c1b 4cbf b367 489cc0ebff85

Fipronil egg scandal

Preview 063e75d3 00aa 4af7 a376 c7ec2f24679c
143 points

When two bowls clip together

Preview 91b255dc 0d9e 4953 9575 d309a652822e
119 points

Dinner is served.

Preview 4e838658 c723 4e9b 84a0 259459980307
70 points

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