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Adam Sandler, Steve Buscemi and Brendan Fraser in a rock band, how 90's is that ?

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So, you want to take a shit but not remove your jeans? Say no more!

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Get ya suit game right

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Worlds oldest pairs of Levi's Jeans found in a goldmine 136 years later.

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"Rick And Morty" Sneak Peek: It's A Rick And Jerry Adventure!


Awsome jeans

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Girls fashion early 00's vs. 2017. Low waist jeans on girls where did you go

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187 points

I hear a lot of people complain about how big phones are tough to keep in their pockets. They seem to forget what it was like ...

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1 million Scovel unit chilli prank on my dad in his sleep

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How to get a women wet 101

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85 points

Cool rock formation

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Comic book styled jeans

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For those who want the shortest short shorts, I raise you this. Denim panties.

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203 points

Big butt problems

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One of the main reasons that I wear this brand

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The Royal Rumble is this weekend, but this guy already won.

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105 points

Someone call the fashion police

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Dove Cameron

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