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Faith Based Insurance

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204 points

Lingerie doesn't come in ounces

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177 points

I will do as I damn well please.

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173 points


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138 points

Font matters 😂

Preview 40374d5c 9220 4827 a1de 1d4e93e12919
197 points

Wanted: Orange Cat

Preview 563241e8 a7b2 464c 861d 4ac85b4a5577
165 points

It always happen

Preview 26ea639b 8764 406f b747 85a56338d9ab
160 points

Some guy hit my car while I was at the gym and he left a note... I'm so annoyed.

Preview b2fa6400 b22d 48fa b205 0d3391fa4236
192 points

My local Dunkin Donuts drive through speaker broke. They’re using a baby monitor now.

Preview 303c9f51 73dc 4f7b 815c 7d09108d10f0
151 points

This kids menu at the hotel I’m staying at

Preview 47cff9c0 d506 41d6 9d09 3213593ada4e
195 points

Clippy! Is that you, old friend?

Preview 07ba546b 75c8 400b ad7d 353375574de3
181 points

I saw this in my “hip ‘n happening” neighbors bathroom during our annual garage crawl last weekend.

Preview a1daf4a1 9435 48b9 b551 d4f49a860045
189 points

Medical humor

Preview 43db87fb 529e 4aa9 9e4f a15adb84b1fc
183 points

Unsaved Work

Preview a5113b6e 39fb 490e a628 0dfbab6bb531
148 points

Honest Amazon reviews

Preview 19aaeef5 46fc 4415 8263 4c15aae077cc
281 points

This sign on a vending machine at my work

Preview d44aa7b6 8af6 455f ad61 68f6a090456d
170 points


Preview d7815f2f ad5a 47cc 80c6 4c05f82ab4dc
175 points

College = Apollo 13

Preview b9cab94c 54ac 4baa 92bf f3c5ff08cc40
171 points

I work in a restaurant. Got this weird ass ‘tip’ tonight....

Preview 647b642c 2065 44a9 87f0 e9d5fa24a7b0
150 points

The ultimate cheat code to set your music's equalizer!

Preview 55bf5121 a5fc 421d 87d3 c1cc1b859817
165 points

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