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From a sell-and-swap Facebook group.

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77 points

Final preparations for an April 1 reveal

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131 points

Isn’t this how Hitler started?

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88 points

Writer's Block

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72 points

Mom caught my little brother planning a party...

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94 points

Old proverb

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88 points

Thailand trolled again. CPR Instructions next to the hotel pool. They haven't the slightest clue...

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81 points

Tell Schrödinger I Survived

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59 points

"Go ahead, do something about it."

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Life sucks

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92 points

Planet Fitness wouldn't let me cancel over the phone, and required a certified letter to cancel since I live in a different state now. I dropped this in the mail today.

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90 points

The Icelandic Penis Museum

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83 points

I'm sorry i dropped you stop giving me that look

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71 points

5 stages of grief

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69 points

Ooooh Yeah... tell me all about it

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75 points

At age 12 my girlfriend had to write a letter to herself for school and keep it sealed 20 years. She turned 32 today. She fooled her teacher then... and herself now.

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98 points

Which makes coffee basically Miracle-Gro®

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98 points

Sent to me from my dad in Arkansas

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68 points

Got some spam Direct Message. Thought I'd reply...

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67 points

The perfect book doesnt exis-

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