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Amazing Embroidery by Sheena Liam

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3 points

Of all the cards to pick, this one takes the cake

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5 points

"Please could you speak to your children-"

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14 points

What an offer?

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11 points

So I was drinking some coconut water when suddenly...

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8 points

No excuses, I want my homework back.

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11 points


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15 points

Crushing 1500 Sheets Of Paper With Hydraulic Press Is Making The Soft Sheets Hard As Stone

14 points

Separation anxiety

Preview 4e01a26d c802 461b a85d 291a0e671542

Did you know?

Preview 53f172e5 e142 4415 96be 83f2003a85ba
11 points

29,249 smiles is what it takes to drain a standard ballpoint pen.

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11 points

Lego was already in 2017 back in the 70's

Preview acbcc6a9 de80 46ca 9b70 aeaba5a012ac
9 points

Well he is trying his best..

Preview ab10029b 4d84 4466 b07b f691237a8e5b
7 points

That's my card

Preview b29e110e 0502 4181 81c9 ac5150a5424d
0 points

Love this kitten and all your financial needs will be taken care of!

Preview 8e8bc44e ea92 4250 8a48 e4b9a711d5cc
13 points

BUTTERFLY (Geometrical Beast 04/55 by Kerby Rosanes)

Preview 3453cdb4 9628 48ff aece 4ff5bd5b0782
15 points

This is zoomed in all the way and those are people

Preview 72c63f1d c3de 4138 8bef dec7e1dc5d55

I hope they are gluten free as well...

Preview d23cb040 cfee 4e43 8a95 b92deb22dc6f
14 points

Understanding art

Preview 2d190672 ed33 4c22 b195 34a97a92cabf
13 points

This sweet note my young grandfather sent my grandmother.

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