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Four Unique Advantages of Breast Milk

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90 points

Have you ever killed someone and enjoyed it?

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23 points

Found in Son's Room. Seriously Should I Be Worried?

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21 points

Autism overload

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19 points

Mind. Blown.

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16 points

my friend after going on a break from marijuana

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Spelunker John Jones stuck upside down in a cave

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21 points

My husband's drunk letter to himself

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21 points

My rhetoric textbook escalated quickly...

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Hoe usef Vacuum suck. It was super effective

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Always cite your sources

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89 points

Build it anyways... WTF fitting room

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86 points

Encouraging Post-it Notes

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My wife's new dress

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Artwork in my Algebra class

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16 points

Now THIS guy would get my money. Way to go, bud!

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24 points


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56 points

Even in 1912 they were aware of climate change!

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15 points

She is gonna be mad tommorow.

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