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Yeh, i know. Thanks for that.

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6 points

So, how did that program go?

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64 points

I trolled my workplace. This document will be mass printed and distributed to customers. Lmao

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81 points

This sign for La Croix at my local grocery store

Preview 65b06bd1 3306 411b aef6 afe7b0d01a66
80 points

There are two types of graffiti artist in this world..

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86 points

Choose your fighter

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69 points

The local dealers getting real sneaky

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86 points

My work’s toilets get vandalised a lot, this is their solution

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81 points

“Describe the average Redditor.”

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72 points

Got two fortunes in my cookie. I’ve never been more conflicted in my life.

Preview 9d07495c 8690 4885 a14d 2b4c7bdf68a2
85 points

Pretty sure my kid's daycare teacher is former mafia

Preview 6c8af252 9518 412a 9c91 1c006f8e7853
86 points

Erotic banana painting on the wall in a diner

Preview 52d49256 3cf7 4043 b3cf 98c54a3106f7
86 points

I discovered this cool feature in new Indian Rupee notes, ha!

Preview 05d0945a 7950 4570 bbc3 c94a1c39fadb
57 points

I've been wearing the same "DMV background blue" turtleneck for driver's license photos since 2011.

Preview d5272360 2a04 4c8c bce4 c9710a302e7d
85 points

Do not let Max in

Preview 65404963 4585 4833 96c0 169cf88a99d7
76 points

Wholesome graffitti

Preview 6172f484 5c0e 4e1b bd33 fb1caedb58db
71 points

That Sweet Leaf 👌😬

Preview b143bb63 1e57 467e bf2f 80acc8f650ff
63 points

Did I mention lists?

Preview b4764a46 20c0 406f afb8 8d79bcd12c71
71 points

Rough times.

Preview fa9c2cab 4927 44bb 9dbe eecc7515c5dc
85 points

Anyone in the market for a premium gaming chair? 🤔🤔

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77 points

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