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A primary school teacher received this from a child in her class...

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This drawing my cousin made for her brother who recently joined the navy.

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Has Slavic science gone too far?

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Your brain - use it or lose it. Srsly. After some time, You will be unable to do it with a real person.

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I found a “Metal” mix tape I made in 1986

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Saw a piece of trash in my front yard. This is what it was.

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Has Slavic science gone too far?

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Comic from this week's New Yorker

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Draw a line to the correct answer.

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What kind of wallpaper is this???

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Use stairs.

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What kind of wallpaper is this???

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Hey, that's not AA

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How To Survive a Lightning Strike

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Do not leave children unattended at Whole Foods.

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Kid's take on tornado safety

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72 points

The best weapon ever

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My new favorite birthday card

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Got a hate letter from a couple girls that don't like me. Decided I would fix their grammar.

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