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Bathroom at MSP Airport

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Damn, Josh

Preview 08a8569f 8bd2 4a86 a0f4 abcdbfb10db0

WTF bro I can explain

Preview c15ac39f 79ea 4d52 a756 7e525c13fbb1
10 points

Bad cough? This might help.

Preview 257aca7f 2ede 4bf0 a922 ec249ddcb749
14 points

When your friend's Hallowe'en party invites are so epic that Canada Post thinks they were damaged in the mailstream .

Preview ba32953b 670a 4230 b8a5 a2bf256f2a20
21 points

If that doesn't motivate you to take mathematics seriously, I don't know what else could...

Preview 428913b0 711a 43c0 94b1 f6dd17d09d60

Hells yeah

Preview ed06c59b 6234 4166 9e64 0d21c6fd873b
79 points


Preview 7fa23085 e9d5 4712 a033 3d341d59cfbe
73 points

F*ck yeahh

Preview a53d8709 eee3 4a72 9c3d 73a65d4eb64b
24 points

He really doesn’t want me to do my homework!!

Preview d403a39d f101 4e36 8da3 e3d3be8d5f5e

Found this note by the elevator

Preview 544775c5 2704 479e 9b77 36b35b6a47e8
14 points

This assignment was given to a language arts class

Preview a13887d1 8606 42aa ab33 fa0b7613adce
20 points

It's just logical

Preview 98fbf7b7 e9d9 4455 9450 def8215e78f8
63 points

Was not expecting this message in a Christmas card from my younger sister 💔

Preview 91addbdc f949 43e5 bd0f ea4b7b54ab68

(X) Doubt

Preview 3072678f 65c6 419f 897d 20ed9b70d517
24 points

The only kind of trading cards to collect

Preview bf72b44c 5b63 4842 86d0 b7a5db2321ad

Good guy Hooters.

Preview 48b5ceab b789 44d3 a91d 4abc1136d36d
23 points

So my friend ordered a large t shirt...

Preview e77985f5 f632 4ecc b248 2de93c1e5a53

I surprised my wife for her birthday

Preview 757fb39c 80e2 4333 a898 a2107e3151ef
23 points

Too many at once.

Preview f40243f3 5a1c 4fce 9003 5837019feecc
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