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You know your board game is old when...

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Too bad

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100% Right !!

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A co-worker got this on her car.

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When it's Mother's Day, but you realise you just gave birth to 5 little jerks.

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You can't fix stupid

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No caption needed. happy new year.

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When you have a busy night ahead...

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Its 3 types of people

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Been re-watching this masterpiece. No regrets.

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How To Make Logan's (Wolverine From X-Men) Automatic Claws From 15 Popsicle Sticks



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My high school English teacher posted this on Facebook today.

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I drew this one with a ballpoint pen a couple hours ago, I hope you guys like it.

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This book store has a "blind date with a book" section.

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What Can You Cut With Paper? This Guy Will Show You The Magical Power Of Paper

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