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Tree Ornaments

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The Food line ups.

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At least he had a good sense of humour.

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My GF almost losing it on a street-side swing in Italy. Her head was millimetres from the ground on the way back down!

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this can’t end well

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No wonder she was wicked

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Avian Eclipse

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Can I get on The plane too?

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Plumber in training

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Family Photo

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Caught me mid-sneeze

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The Ford line up looks good.

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I nearly lost my eye to confetti on my wedding day.

Preview 34f5c914 8d19 422f 8b93 471ee09d8171

Winter Snow Storm - lightning in the clouds revealed by filter. Unfiltered and more pics for comparison in comments

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A bird bit my sister in Cancun and pulled her over the bridge we were standing on.

Preview ee0e92da 3c7b 4746 ba61 1e33fb418dfb

This tree I found hiking looks like a forest monster watching over you.

Preview 914c8d18 6977 440a 8a69 1ec36f66aa54
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On top of 432 Park, New York, New York


Stumbled upon this during some late night Amsterdam strolling. I'm uncomfortable now.

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