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Chair tho

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He looks stunning

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Evening after the rain in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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Having a little fun shooting pics at the park today

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I think this wasp trap is broken.

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View from my backyard this morning.

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Scary Moose

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I wish this picture I took was photoshopped

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This sundial was installed under a tree.

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The cleanest village in Asia

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Tree struck by lightning caught fire from inside

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Pathway to the forest

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This street corner

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Meanwhile in my garden

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How broken things can be beautiful

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RIP Log Dog

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Shhh, its illegal here.

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This 391 year old Bonsai Tree survived Hiroshima & is still growing strong today.

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Wish I partied that hard

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Brilliant Skateboarders Skate Around The World With Superb Skills

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