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Javan Tiger captured by camera after it declared extinct 30 years ago.

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13 points

Aftermath of storm in Germany

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15 points

my dad making a nice chip

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Dank boi

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51 points

When mom and dad kiss in front of you

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57 points

Facing the ground for 30 minutes

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Fall foliage from a recent hike.

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17 points

Still searching for that pot ‘o gold...

Preview c31c87f1 617e 4b75 87c3 3cf6b84b466e

Mother-in-law suggests bride give groom blowjob in the wedding photo. Thanks mom

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84 points


Preview cafa6c39 5b51 4ce9 9a23 757fa0abb73e
10 points

Had to look twice

Preview f8407d94 045c 46cf 8252 21b29ac1e635
13 points

WTF tree!?

Preview bbc37972 90e5 4518 b085 b0bdf5eb8ea2
11 points

Can you find the Piece of bread because I threw it in the right place where no one would look

Preview 40986d8e 18b2 4555 ae06 a41edef038aa

Leaf mid-fall, taken while riding at 13MPH

Preview 9b756061 7557 4fff b3e5 31e6522c3021

Karma wins again

Preview 84f2c1d4 f1dd 4657 8bf9 5e18507a8dae
18 points

This boys haircut.

Preview 791ab67a 2ad0 442e 9521 a698d049c783
12 points

The only time you say NO to food...

Preview eb0cd8dc a62c 4c20 bbf9 60bf09451d6c
19 points

The Phenomenon Of “Crown Shyness” Where Trees Avoid Touching

Preview 16bca29e 9914 4148 aee9 c6f03dd28e80
17 points

Calimari Ring Wedding

Preview 7ec0be27 f50b 4736 aa77 211cd2ab4063
94 points

Brick arch

Preview 05da2c0f 6c18 48de 997e b9f9f656c190
75 points

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