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Saw this today and just about died

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146 points

Macaque pillaging a trash can

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156 points

I'm guessing he tells people "My Volvo is built like a tank..."

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110 points

The second sign really kicked things up a gear

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85 points

This cup from good will....

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104 points

When you see it. cross post from r/Australia

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122 points

There’s always a believer

Preview a3f5a784 b3a4 43c9 9cb5 8c5e8e726da0
89 points

Beer Made with Vaginal Bacteria

Preview c4bdc66d c485 4bd1 a714 c8659a4c8e7b
115 points

According the the Man Code, he must continue to try for at least 20 minutes before admitting his error.

Preview d7b86faf f797 441a 9ad5 ad25e18e3a33
124 points

My campus library is hip with the kids

Preview 3087b79d 5d57 4788 b6ed fe703fd379c3
113 points

"I brake suddenly for tailgaters"

Preview 48d7e236 3773 4bac 9221 8e840cb3968d
114 points

Stop sign in our ghetto

Preview 3f4a2731 c072 4e4b bef0 1f890180858f
94 points

IMG_4628.JPG A fine example of American engineering

Preview c73d2fbc 5f4d 4158 a9a7 4d693e7b80ee
91 points

Basketball Taillight

Preview 27fb4da2 3d16 417b a3ac 5d90b457f96d
102 points

MS Paint still has its uses

Preview 3cc43e36 d6f9 4eb4 b21c e26570e29d37
73 points

You really can get anything at Target

Preview c4f33964 a1a8 49d9 9060 fddc62b0af17
73 points

A number 666 with extra dip

Preview 425f47ad 8cd0 45af 9146 45539eb813f6
102 points

I have so many questions about this picture.

Preview 83759dd5 fc9f 4228 bb18 f4709026e52c
104 points

The speed limit here is completely irrational.

Preview 1b0b255c 3e61 4595 bc58 df4ebfea630d
110 points

Asshole through the times

Preview a2752f81 ea31 4572 981d 3248f267f2af
106 points

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