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I don't know about the new guy Frank...

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168 points

Mountain momma

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92 points

This is the Gibber Italicus, a breed of canary.

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178 points

Toucan keeps stealing my wallet


Bird throwing everything on the floor.


Ruby the Swearing Parrot


Bad joke eel

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127 points


Preview 507011b8 e02e 4e38 99f5 d5daaf57840c
106 points

Mother and son

Preview 156a0168 6487 4514 9d29 d98ec6744cc3
81 points

I think I just interrupted my birds talking shit about me.

Preview bd19337e 30a5 40f8 9c4e c4b6b7da012c

Sad reactions only

Preview dff6e18c bb8e 4d66 bb87 ee2ee6f7c42a
68 points

This hungry Cardinal photobombed me...

Preview a2d14d1b 10f8 4328 91bd 648d77a5f9af

*A wild parrot arrived*

Preview 537033cf a759 4686 b234 21936045d04a
55 points

Take a closer look

Preview 6f7fef83 12fa 4200 beaa 0d64d8b9d884
132 points

I hope we’re going to birb land

Preview 9f4cb580 c5f2 4ddb 90e2 d8f40c2eca00
82 points

When you ask your mom to wake you up early

Preview 9d64efa0 737a 4ba5 baf8 cb077ee34400
81 points

Scumbag parrot

Preview e0765e5d 04ce 4d79 a36d 3fd47d347724

Kakapo - a rare, flightless parrot


Mha hart... man sole

Preview bdfabc3a 2bef 44b1 8f42 36762fae9774
157 points

Look twice

Preview 88aac777 acad 4a95 a723 fb15a819781b
167 points

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