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This hungry Cardinal photobombed me...

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*A wild parrot arrived*

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6 points

Take a closer look

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84 points

I hope we’re going to birb land

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14 points

When you ask your mom to wake you up early

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21 points

Scumbag parrot

Preview e0765e5d 04ce 4d79 a36d 3fd47d347724

Kakapo - a rare, flightless parrot


Look twice

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79 points

Get Off

Preview c00b38da cb8f 4666 81be ac226028c023

Blue-Streaked Lories. 

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20 points

Just in: Conures are jerks.



Preview ad5ed7e6 1aab 4ad3 9590 6b97947c5ab9
9 points

More birb

Preview fc56db1a f698 4403 95f9 04a88eab715e
90 points

Scaring old people in a walmart LOL!?


Bird Attacks My Toys using Axe


Man unwillingly shagged by rare parrot. Always remember consent guys!


This is Cookie. He left us today, after 23 years of loyal support. Salute for his honor please!

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Oklahoma Game Warden rescued a Bald eagle...

Preview b2e02a2b 3ba1 4809 ad26 53249faa4b2c
4 points

Sarcoramphus papa

Preview 404d116f fd92 4ee2 bdd7 f1efaf98205a
10 points

Found this beautiful macaw at my local zoo, beautiful colours and extremely friendly.

Preview 2faa2fb6 305a 4f2e 8058 a8a02177fd36
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