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Look twice

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Get Off

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Blue-Streaked Lories. 

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More birb

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Scaring old people in a walmart LOL!?


Bird Attacks My Toys using Axe


Man unwillingly shagged by rare parrot. Always remember consent guys!


This is Cookie. He left us today, after 23 years of loyal support. Salute for his honor please!

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Oklahoma Game Warden rescued a Bald eagle...

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Sarcoramphus papa

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Found this beautiful macaw at my local zoo, beautiful colours and extremely friendly.

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Why is this so funny lol

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You want Sum fluff ???

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Grow up

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"Are you going to stop filming and do something about this??"


Parrot Cusses Out Owner


Because why not

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This parrot has more swag than you'll ever have

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