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Found my cat drunk af!

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16 points

Somebody once told me...

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67 points

PLAYING PORN NOISES DURING A PARTY?! \ Jay-z concert footage ✔️


The Lord works in mysterious ways

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102 points

When you're f**ked

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Flying bee colored penises

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14 points

I can't stop thinking about things it reminded me of.

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Down 85lbs and keeping it off!

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19 points

My dating life in a different nutshell...

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17 points

Fancy Donuts instead of cake at a wedding??

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Where's my dinner? :(

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11 points

Jesus, my favourite Jew.

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4 points

Hold up, what?

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3 points

wrapping his car in gift paper!


My first time

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6 points

"Up" :3

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2 points

Bridal Bouquets Replaced With Cats

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3 points

Old white lady rocks the party on the Ones & Twos as a DJ


Dude knocked out cold at family BBQ


Total Rager

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