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You and I both?

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At least someone's happy to see me after a long day at work

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The Hunger Games?

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Home-Invasion Prank At End Of Party Goes Wrong


Goku Transforms Surprising College Girls


This advertisement came up on my newsfeed from a local Pub. ‘Tide Pod Shots’

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Ohio kids parents give teacher wine for Christmas with sons picture reading "Our child might be the reason you drink."

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Caught in the act.

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Hell nah

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Hey guys

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Gives “dress up day” a whole new meaning

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My dad got this for me, I just realized that I should have posted this a wile ago. There’s also a barf one. The guy at the shop says it’s flavor depends on what you ate.

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Okay, bye mom, yes, okay, bye, yes, bye mom, okay, bye

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Snapped this photo at a Portugal. The Man concert just as a light shined on the lens

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Found my cat drunk af!

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Somebody once told me...

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I made an entire short film satirizing over the top prank movies...hope you ENJOY!

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PLAYING PORN NOISES DURING A PARTY?! \ Jay-z concert footage ✔️

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The Lord works in mysterious ways

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