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Meeting room in a public library. Palo Alto, CA.

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58 points

Camberwell House / AM Architecture, Australia, 2016

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47 points

Dining room and kitchen in Bavarian villa overlooking Tegernsee

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51 points

The Bobertz Residence, Craig Ellwood

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50 points

finish the story

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Sleek, modern bathroom features lots of natural light from the skylights and large windows in this home in Los Angeles, California.

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52 points

Luxurious Stone Patio features vaulted wood Ceilings, Fireplace, TV + multiple Dining Areas - South Tulsa, OK

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20 points

Apartment overlooking San Francisco

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54 points

Steel frame dining area extension bringing in natural light to the renovated house, Bangkok, Thailand

Preview 22fa9a81 3fe5 4ab1 8e86 135db2b370c9
19 points

Living room view at newly-built 1625 Woods Drive in Hollywood Hills

Preview dbe692ef 519c 468e bd0c fb3ede774e4f
24 points

Courtyard House

Preview 9aa10647 535a 4a87 82a7 674aef038821
18 points

Oriel Window House / Shinsuke Fujii Architects, Japan, 2015

Preview 4aec0b2d bc86 485a abc1 e9e81b0cb222
21 points

Bright and colorful industrial Apartment

Preview 29ba88c7 1c70 4c79 9275 2a2a27bdc341
18 points

Brick & Variety of Wood lends Textured Warmth to bright Industrial Loft in Toronto

Preview 32eb542d e142 4a07 822f d7803b540339
23 points

FHM Bachelor Apartment / ONG&ONG Pte Ltd, Thailand, 2017

Preview e78e7f8c 8579 4774 9473 ac701221af5f
22 points

A southern screened porch

Preview f188ead1 0a90 45c2 a3d1 dc1a3bd6ccba
43 points

Casa Finisterra, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Preview 185541a6 6958 46bd a902 53a1a053c1c5
20 points

Santa Barbara dining/living room with a view

Preview 7aa0f85e 8eeb 4b87 bcc2 a0c0ef356e3e
40 points

Bright and colorful industrial apartment | Barcelona, Spain

Preview 0a3d35f1 25b9 4515 b86f ae011aa70ce0
47 points

Chalet Pearl ski lodge in Courchevel located in the Swiss Alps

Preview 8eeaf7f9 57c5 44ef 8525 3eb6ab352d88
43 points

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