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Accordion doors open a dining room to the lake, aspen, and mountains of a Wyoming ranch

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15 points

Cozy open-concept guest home with panoramic forest views. New York.

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67 points

Dining area and kitchen are separated from the living area by brick arches in this apartment in Tribeca, NYC.

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48 points

Open living space in São Paulo

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46 points

Modern Trophy Property on Maroon Creek in Aspen. Asking $22.5million

Preview 9f1e3781 aef5 4621 892a 22334bf84077
22 points

Courtyard garden in Madrid

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20 points

Spacious living room, located in São Paulo, Brazil

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13 points

Living area with operable roof flaps for natural ventilation and lighting, Hawaii

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14 points

living room facing infinity pool in jackson wy

Preview 7ed9c00a 96ee 45c6 b9da 2760289a78f2
13 points

WIN Bar - an underground wine bar located in Kyiv, Ukraine

Preview 5c1c0f49 3614 404c 94a9 9cc0090d0635
16 points

Dining room of a Manhattan penthouse

Preview dd9c23ba 658d 41a4 b40e 74997a4c03c8
14 points

Relax in an Italianate mansion bathroom on Puget Sound

Preview 63acc40a 9eba 4d43 b10d 9a34ca5b78f6
21 points

Clearwater House in Niseko, Japan | by Seshimo Architects

Preview 21f0c7e0 31ba 451e a4bf 4c65e9cfcba8
18 points

Modern houseboat in Berlin

Preview ec3fc3db 68bc 4513 b438 3681823b487e
18 points

Penthouse living area in San Diego, CA

Preview cd7da269 3b86 4632 9776 c1ae97c6a2cf
21 points

Loft in a converted warehouse in Sydney

Preview 39eac3c5 cc02 4439 a171 b1efc250f210
22 points

Renovated Victorian Cottage in Cremorne, Melbourne, Australia

Preview 25dac6fc 484e 4a20 b1df 4e03d9cf0e0e
20 points

Kitchen/Living Room in a Lush Garden in Puget Sound. Designed by Jon Olson of Olson Kundig.

Preview 7f41a88a 071c 4c83 9b50 dc144aec4e17
21 points

Tree House, Cape Town, South Africa

Preview 8928f824 86eb 4dd9 8be1 dc471c8b4b6a
15 points

Dining room in Sedona, Arizona

Preview a93b3fc3 00ce 4a5c 871f a9223991d05c
24 points

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