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Autumn by the Lake in Cozy Screened Porch w/ Stone Fireplace - Lower Hay Lake, MN

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15 points

A village in Nepal.

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A room in a tree house on a crane in Bristol

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11 points

The "party room" filled with plants, textures and prints at an apartment complex near the US capitol in Washington, DC

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2 points

Dinning room + swimming pool in Mitti Street

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141 points

Kitchenette with plenty of natural light, located in São Paulo, Brazil

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10 points

The border between Belgium and the Netherlands

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180 points

Hotel in Norway where the movie Ex Machina was shot

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122 points

Wooden Living Room - Lorne, Australia

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182 points

House Goals

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117 points

Massive living room with plenty of views, located in Guarujá, Brazil

Preview c56004c6 2fc5 4ded 84e4 7a9348fe7dc2
132 points

Residence by Ehrlich Architects in Venice,Los Angeles, California

Preview fe59d581 afc2 46a3 9b70 0820e695173f
104 points

Bear Grills - literally

Preview f6d9166b df96 47cb a660 5f051c72552e
66 points

The pool in Birmingham, Alabama. Yes, those are toilets.

Preview d091d964 9802 4b76 b51f 682f577fc982
314 points

Modern open air living room facing a courtyard in Dallas, Texas

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183 points

Bedroom suite puts you in the landscape, Quebec, Canada

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168 points

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