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Luxurious tented camp in the Golden Triangle region of Thailand

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77 points

Making the best of our basement apartment in Baltimore MD

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66 points

Low-lying mid-century-modern home renovated and extended on a verdant site, New Canaan, Connecticut

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42 points

Rathmines House / MRTN Architects, Australia, 2017

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58 points

Low-lying residence with cedar and floor-to-ceiling glass walls with a picturesque views of forested wetland near Minneapolis, Minnesota

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51 points

Cozy attic apartment in Sweden features a custom bookcase that fits into the angled ceiling.

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57 points

Zaya Nurai Island Bedroom View - Abu Dhabi

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91 points

Wood-paneled living room in an Upper East Side duplex

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55 points

Living Room of a $6.8 Million home in Menlo Park, Ca

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82 points

Residence W / KC Design Studio, Taiwan, 2018

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64 points

Guest House

Preview 693c4753 f3f2 4bd6 97dd c257a52c7af3
70 points

Weber House, Xangri-lá, Brazil

Preview 9b46f294 bd9b 414b baee d761edd4d213
21 points

I made a corner of the winter garden

Preview 2206e2c7 9a7a 4084 aa5e 0e45b2404e87
71 points

Modern and minimalist open plan living space made with Brazilian timber opening up to a picturesque garden and pool, São Paulo, Brazil

Preview a0287f1c ecdb 490c 9908 cbf6e6dc749c
21 points

Conservatory living room in a guest house on the French Riviera

Preview 403c65c6 dcd0 4655 932a afd6275d304d
53 points

Living space converts to open-air pavilion in Healdsburg, California

Preview 8ad5986d 3ac7 48f9 995b 93bca84689c2
80 points

Blue bedroom at 432 Park Avenue

Preview 70efd008 f74a 4124 a0a8 431e11a8516b
43 points

Scandinavian and mid-century modern design inspired vacation cabin with floor to ceiling windows in Hudson Valley, upstate New York

Preview 3ec1c558 0993 4567 afc0 830892baec2d
60 points

Concrete-block walls with clerestory windows offering glimpses of the sky and treetops in an airy one-storey residence among fruit trees, Herzliya, Tel Aviv District, Israel

Preview 0fa40b0d ebee 40f4 8f17 8476c228cb74
71 points

Dark Light House / MRTN Architects, Australia, 2017

Preview 11a5406f fc9f 4dbe bf33 6d9c0a3d9efb
55 points

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