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Open living space connected to an enclosed patio surrounded with ferns, Mexico City, Mexico

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94 points

Chill modern living room overlooking the river in De Pere, Wisconsin

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67 points

Indoor garden under a skylight in a partially submerged living area of a residence adjacent to a natural reserve in Nova Lima, Minas Gerais, Brazil

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75 points

Artsy loft in a converted warehouse in Oakland, CA

Preview 2fd6d68a 2066 4fee 9aca 1aa7962da099
67 points

Rooftop sun room at the Soho House in London.

Preview c887cdfd 3b7c 43ab b029 a01a2385dfb9
69 points

The dining room of a converted London chapel

Preview 72bc67f3 037b 4c0d 9753 2ff2af64aab4
60 points

My mom lives on the 12th floor and the condo above her was having a party when she saw this out her window ....

Preview 0dacd47e 5d84 4812 a2dd 9388e5fb91b4
90 points

Rustic industrial kitchen/dining space in a large open plan living area made of weathered wooden beams and other recycled materials, Wentworth-Nord, rural Quebec, Canada

Preview 80093456 02d6 4479 b7f9 ede5ca0b9dc1
57 points

A Dominos employee stood outside of a recently closed Papa Johns in my neighborhood and started selling some pizzas.

Preview 5432a71b 9943 405b af84 769f10d5e015
84 points

Living area with retractable glass walls in this home located in Tapalpa, Mexico.

Preview 59aa10dc d388 4331 8f20 c144291d01d8
53 points

Breeze caressed, vine-covered outdoor living space on the Amalfi Coast

Preview a3bd255a 9330 4488 a868 38207676b69a
52 points

Luxurious tented camp in the Golden Triangle region of Thailand

Preview f45ae990 215d 4fa4 a1ff 363f15198d0c
87 points

Making the best of our basement apartment in Baltimore MD

Preview d908dccc c68f 46ef 977d 6d2292a1db99
80 points

Low-lying mid-century-modern home renovated and extended on a verdant site, New Canaan, Connecticut

Preview f146d471 6737 43ec 89a5 c91da70f8078
57 points

Rathmines House / MRTN Architects, Australia, 2017

Preview d820d4ee 4361 4473 8d83 55fb518b3b39
72 points

Low-lying residence with cedar and floor-to-ceiling glass walls with a picturesque views of forested wetland near Minneapolis, Minnesota

Preview 56b63dac dd3c 4b7f 9bdf 0864c91fb82b
60 points

Cozy attic apartment in Sweden features a custom bookcase that fits into the angled ceiling.

Preview 0cbef670 f0b0 4d60 8994 3cd76f75d648
62 points

Zaya Nurai Island Bedroom View - Abu Dhabi

Preview f38faf32 1d10 4ec4 a594 a34289b3fa56
103 points

Wood-paneled living room in an Upper East Side duplex

Preview 305f408d 77ac 466e adde 39fe2447f986
60 points

Living Room of a $6.8 Million home in Menlo Park, Ca

Preview def1ad2f 1930 447f 8238 ba8d3adf88bc
88 points

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