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Dining room in Sedona, Arizona

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19 points

No point beating around the bush.

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18 points

Glass and Steel

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15 points

NR Courtyard House, Kuantan, Malaysia

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11 points

Jade Mountain Resort in St. Lucia

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85 points

Small, rustic kitchen tucked behind folding glass doors in this stone home in Spain.

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10 points

Aspen Vacation Mansion with this Gorgeous Great Room

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17 points

Stunning views from the Pool Suite, St. Lucia

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23 points

Ready for Thanksgiving in Toronto

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12 points

Open living space with panoramic views of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge in Tiburon, CA.

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21 points

Riad Idra in Marrakech

Preview 22648862 e8cc 4252 822d 0b8283b6dc26
74 points

Having Breakfast with my Human

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20 points

Tropical Minimalism: the Solis Ηouse by Renato d'Ettorre Architects. Hamilton island, Queensland Australia. View 2.

Preview 07c222de 5a0d 4e76 9522 c313b98508a4
17 points

The open plan living room of 'Tent House' in Noosa, Queensland, Australia

Preview 075d11ae 98ea 4a85 b7f0 004ca31de0bd
21 points

Garden room in a town home in London has ample light for growing plants.

Preview 1c59efaa ef43 4963 a3f3 c2e7372d7c7b
4 points

Autumn by the Lake in Cozy Screened Porch w/ Stone Fireplace - Lower Hay Lake, MN

Preview 365b701d 1ccb 4228 bf74 1047edeec474
79 points

A village in Nepal.

Preview 7566fcaf 7655 4560 abea cb30bfe06e48

A room in a tree house on a crane in Bristol

Preview d8b02493 3c1d 438b 8d64 6d3d520ac356
14 points

The "party room" filled with plants, textures and prints at an apartment complex near the US capitol in Washington, DC

Preview 91039e09 18c2 4e53 b517 5486ad8345a8
10 points

Dinning room + swimming pool in Mitti Street

Preview 058261da f583 4fdf 83fd 78844a09d7ae
149 points

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