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You know you’re screwed when this happens

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108 points

You disgust me, Ronald

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82 points

Belgium can into relevancy

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107 points

I was a cat lady in another life

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90 points

Gotta love them WW2 memes

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75 points

Warning! This burn requires Antarctica to cool down!

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93 points


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100 points

Doggos helping earthquake victims

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165 points

Great Britain at their best

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Payback time

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The Lebanese army raises the Spanish flag on a captured ISIS hilltop paying homage to the Barcelona attack victims

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133 points

Let's rap it up

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87 points

Deleted scene

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Bleep bleep bleep

Preview f91e8b7e dd8c 49a4 a27c 22b090d4a128


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What are cool laws in your country?

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47 points

A F**king Dragon

Preview 931d5f9b b7fe 4b91 817e 7aa9161306e3
103 points

Iceland Can Into Baking

Preview 70f898ba 97cf 41ab 9c9d 340a9acc04a3

Salute to Lebanon!

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48 points


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