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Alex Honnold’s free solo up 3000 ft cliff face

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Can you see something else?

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153 points

An introvert's first line of defense

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251 points

The pattern on these shoes look like a bunch of stoned aliens

Preview ba29e141 f485 4e4d 86c1 1eb6da9901f2
176 points

Trying to paint the street? You've got a long way to go, bro.

Preview 44e91736 8805 4a66 889f 9214c5282ad1
143 points

New York vs Boston

Preview 60c79226 79e4 4f9b acdb 9f2ecc4bd84f
156 points

My dog piddled out a shark

Preview 216fe5ee 1e9c 4fd6 b2ea 612aa8458d62

Turned 40 today. My kids greeted me with this tradegy on my front porch......

Preview 560c34c5 2b1d 449b 9dcb b61be9960a8d
134 points

Always a lovely sight to see in the women’s restroom...

Preview 9d4a9adf 9202 4b97 99ef 9071bdcbddb1
96 points

Sick rock climbing shot

Preview 8b64ad38 1419 4790 944d 41719175a85c

Oyster Grits

Preview 30df3696 e4b3 43a9 951b 593782251198
82 points

A bible store in Kansas has trouble understanding the meaning of this quote

Preview 9d25bc16 342e 4d41 831a 45faf70faa7f
113 points

Thank's cat, really helpful

Preview f434bbde 1bc2 4a3a 8376 ab31d4d00101

This mouse ran under the road dyeing machine and left this print on the road

Preview bd17aae3 ec6b 44b0 9580 692a109afd97
140 points

This mosquito is asking me for help!

Preview 25233bf5 e192 4224 a4ef 835b3d4aaede
123 points

Found this excellent recipe for chicken pie in my grandfathers wallet while going through his stuff after he died

Preview afe2bd72 2d79 49ae b1e4 e9586213eae5
124 points

Playfulness And Joy

Preview 9e830736 debc 4f91 9594 fd767bfcbda7
111 points

Every day I clean the dog poop in my yard, every day there is a pile near my kids slide or swing. That’s her way of asserting dominance I guess.

Preview 91ed7530 3d21 44ba bf66 7f517bd71939

Zoo exhibits these days

Preview 8b978abe d4ce 44cd 8974 3b60f230cbc3
135 points

On the Edge

Preview 26db24c6 fea8 4281 8583 a9f2cf553848

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