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We are all shades of toast

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Preview c344c89a b50d 43de bf9a f558acf68cf3
5 points

As a red-green colorblind artist, I am very happy with how this turned out!

Preview 027dd3f3 5da1 47a0 aa08 01a21ed3c609
14 points

They say, things look better from above. Guess what? you are wrong. Cairo, Egypt!

Preview e078404c 252b 4a8e 92bb fd24bbc9fa64
10 points

Bottom right

Preview c25b590a 398e 4b4c a053 65b934089dee
3 points

I think you got in the wrong place...

Preview 8f915969 520a 49b1 aea3 64329c36cabf
2 points

Been re-watching this masterpiece. No regrets.

Preview acc7cc54 f6b8 4671 9f21 ff127cf91828

The Bob Ross Of Glow-In-The-Dark Drawing

200 points

Shoes matched the rug

Preview 392f2eb7 c00f 4c75 b7be 334754f6a345
91 points

The littlest nope ever

Preview 075a8337 1e93 44e9 9c25 ed4a522fb29d
119 points

This pic shows you how deep is the Mariana Trench . The little spot is a whale.

Preview 6712435a c18d 4ba1 b911 8b0b93ea52b9
110 points

So much pain in one picture

Preview 4770ea3e 9ad3 40b1 bd02 52a0bb1ceb29
219 points

Middle-earth inspired map of the Earth

Preview d9b37f96 9ec6 49d9 8a7f fcc395c54f0f
149 points

The way these old car tires are stacked

Preview 1c03659a 1202 464d 83cc 091b3b9e4adf
157 points

They can't kill you if you blow yourself up.

Preview 743f33ad 0515 4e53 8b72 abe5ce794af8
108 points

Got 20min late to school because reasons..... -.-

Preview 3bf9cce5 8b55 485c b311 b08cb7b08f93
83 points

The floor of this train in Japan has a pattern of fake QR Codes

Preview e7cb151f 34e8 4cbc b68c f40a7a199bf7
212 points

Just Leonidas playing chess

Preview 92980a0a c6a2 4254 8e0c d007012df615
71 points

There are twelve black dots at the intersections in this Image

Preview b5b6bf9f 34f3 4076 9e63 6e1d2c3828cd
172 points

Grandma cool. . . . brings to you the latest jordan's

Preview c2581691 63c8 4a10 aeb2 799fce86db31
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