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Selfie - Sony a7ii/50mm

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Got unexpectedly soaked by a wave today but the result was kinda cool

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This large root system I found growing in an unknown french drain at my house. My son said it looked like a big turd. Banana and small child for scale.

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68 points

Nice to meet you Mat.

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62 points

This Kickstarters stretch goal

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50 points

Something’s making all these fish die in Pymatuning lake.

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46 points

Found some dentures while Ice Fishing

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49 points

Alex is the hero we need

Preview 242af5f0 dd35 4f93 a82b d59dc4dff6ef
65 points

This couples funny tombstones.

Preview 0a2c2a06 5653 4d7d 96ff 9859886ab0d7
104 points

But they still decided to take a picture first..

Preview 478bf262 24cc 46e1 97aa b5858e638d54

Nope nope nope.....nope nope

Preview 54379f76 aa51 49c5 88e2 85cdbeed029b
78 points

My cat does this a lot

Preview 3fed763a 804f 4ffa 9efb ac1504163e25

Dear God

Preview 0f230ea1 4ed1 4614 9837 885b297cdc6a
70 points

Walked into the bathroom at the Boise VA to find this on the floor

Preview bd182341 fa74 4b35 a3d9 c41962ad0e8a
75 points

I bet it is Paul’s, then.

Preview 166453e3 a4a7 475f 93e3 04d942bffeb8
87 points

So is this where the ex owner of my house was found?

Preview fc382fa9 bd00 4b51 bfe3 eae435cc9075
89 points

Flower Power

Preview 910a6c59 2258 44bb 8a2e bfc436c051bc
64 points

Warning sign at local Red Robin

Preview 680eef49 a8db 48a3 a902 5576c8b9d002
100 points

A few of the roughly 10,000 new cars destroyed. 2015 Tianjin Explosion, China.

Preview d38ed317 45dd 48c0 99b3 4df6857514f4
92 points

That doesn't seem safe....

Preview b151b4f8 9a66 4153 8592 ee42e9532dc1

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