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Trees roots grew the shape of the sidewalk

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23 points

How to perpetuate your ghost

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Our galaxy spanning over Pedernales Falls in Central Texas.

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63 points

Broken window

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We had a sudden burst of rain.

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21 points

Help get this prank to a new level.

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110 points

A little light reading while I sit

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48 points

Women are so complex

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49 points

That's gotta hurt the feelings

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Well.. ヅ

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16 points

Six Words Of Sadness

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We aren’t giving up on you just yet Americans.

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Drone view of a forest after a frost

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A cup of England water please

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20 points

Dallas Mixmaster

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18 points

Don't be afraid to take an unfamiliar path

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My Mom posted this on Facebook and didn't understand why I found it so shocking.

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When you don't check the drawings on things you buy

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