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EY U!! Stahp scrollins yes? Snek is has sayins.

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15 points

Scrap tire dumpyard from above

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18 points

There are 16 circles in this image

Preview 97e4b059 be3f 4f31 94a6 ee8cd57c886f
17 points

The symmetry is incredible. Top view of La Plata, Argentina

Preview 8715e486 9c4c 405f b837 13b63bcf8ca2
14 points

The texture on this wall looks like rippling liquid

Preview 35d641d2 554b 4548 a02a 4974ba8882e4
11 points

They beat me every time

Preview fafce00e 7faa 44e6 8e3b e337a43eccac
16 points

Plot twist

Preview dcdacb34 0083 4f95 8df1 33ddd23a315a
9 points

Beach rocks

Preview d58cfb40 d2c0 4cab a36b 6b11985706e7
9 points

Non overlapping trees

Preview b5b25c68 af55 4e31 bd26 f747b915fa35
16 points

La Plata, Argentina, from above

Preview 8ab06b2a 8f22 4cf9 a47a ef1e5cfba368
18 points

Welded Celtic knot

Preview 57195d05 8a2c 4298 aab3 c079df3ea9be
16 points

Cmon guys stop comparing them

Preview cbd13b02 1fb4 42f6 820c 7fe5241718b4

Guy shares his vending machine trick

Preview 6b46e392 0234 4a0b b92f 3fc9d8c6eb54
2 points

I love this flowers. Changing subject how many people like stereographic images?

Preview 1aceec13 f239 4613 b4be f7cfda7641e1
5 points

A Nokia snake approaches

Preview e20899dd 6657 40f8 a265 8fb46962d82e
5 points

My freshly stained deck

Preview 6c83c78a fc05 48d3 ba06 7c98062cfe46
3 points

An autumn point of view

Preview 50b75f26 034a 44c0 96a9 6fddf77d98db
13 points

This tidy snake

Preview b0930c6c 0e54 46d2 8fa3 aa561ef07a46
17 points

Life hacks

Preview dd46df7c a504 418e 98ef a86a7f78e624
15 points

The corner-matched tiles in this herringbone bathroom wall.

Preview acc18153 d462 41e7 a280 b0c22a7f0e87
13 points

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