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An autumn point of view

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11 points

This tidy snake

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16 points

Life hacks

Preview dd46df7c a504 418e 98ef a86a7f78e624
14 points

The corner-matched tiles in this herringbone bathroom wall.

Preview acc18153 d462 41e7 a280 b0c22a7f0e87
12 points

Life Hacks

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8 points

I work for a medical device company and our humor is shown here

Preview fdf6d9d7 4ec0 4eeb 9d77 1cd5badfce77

Floral Arrangements

Preview 976a3cb0 d159 4fb7 aacf 63c7945b920a
12 points

Challenge Accepted. Did I miss any?

Preview 4b13333d aa9d 444e ae06 3d479fde3377
13 points

I work for a medical device company and our humor is shown here

Preview b5a7da12 4603 432c b6f9 182905cc6389
12 points

Dazed and Confused

Preview c82591d4 cedf 4775 b764 2b8d51e429ac

Acid Jazz- 48'' X 48''-oil/acrylic/canvas

Preview 5965bccc 401d 4dbc b281 ad8b9aac7a8e
9 points

Barcelona from above.

Preview e63f1d8a d65f 4f1a 8053 bbe2e07e2206

The Sun through an ultraviolet lens!

Preview 5bd26070 f60f 4e98 81c4 cd60756cdc47
12 points

Retard units

Preview ef1446d8 f0d2 49ea 96bf 2f0228ea6ce9

Still no answer

Preview 2da8e6ee 9309 4afa ac98 9de1318e5822
9 points

Acid Jazz- oil/acrylic-60'' X 40''- Stephen D. Ferris

Preview f46c292c edfc 48ec 9acb 61bc98f2e0f9
12 points

Finished Puzzle...

Preview b4de719e 6a18 4c44 a4cb 4483adfb5d4c
13 points

Jaw bone remodelling is common following wisdom tooth extraction. I pulled this out of my socket about two months after my procedure.

Preview 0109c364 e815 4ded b936 3e08019ed659
11 points

We are all shades of toast

Preview 05e77cdb 3cf2 42c9 8c87 8bc69c57f61d
9 points


Preview c344c89a b50d 43de bf9a f558acf68cf3
7 points

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