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Thank's cat, really helpful

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This mouse ran under the road dyeing machine and left this print on the road

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122 points

This mosquito is asking me for help!

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100 points

Found this excellent recipe for chicken pie in my grandfathers wallet while going through his stuff after he died

Preview afe2bd72 2d79 49ae b1e4 e9586213eae5
87 points

Playfulness And Joy

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85 points

Every day I clean the dog poop in my yard, every day there is a pile near my kids slide or swing. That’s her way of asserting dominance I guess.

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Zoo exhibits these days

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100 points

On the Edge

Preview 26db24c6 fea8 4281 8583 a9f2cf553848

The spanish anti-theft warning on the Red vs. Blue DVD

Preview a9e2d482 200b 4ebe 9a6e 6a3adf50baf4
95 points

Too late...

Preview b151967f 02b6 4321 858e fc84127941cf
93 points

Got two fortunes in my cookie. I’ve never been more conflicted in my life.

Preview 9d07495c 8690 4885 a14d 2b4c7bdf68a2
89 points

It really is.

Preview 2a906999 b6c2 414f bd75 6b8abb127ef5
69 points

New CVS personal record - 57.5” for a $4.18 transaction

Preview f38e082e ef8e 42e3 bc08 87995831042f
71 points

Find the Deadpool

Preview 96adc769 3c6c 4a6c 9a88 55e1bbbb8b5e
83 points

This is the tape our town used for the Easter egg hunt..

Preview 701460f0 8b04 454d a646 b0bf585fdf1f
87 points

New Puma logo

Preview 0981fe97 3cae 46ea 97e0 4d8897990e7f
79 points

Spotted this sign in my neighborhood in Chattanooga, TN. I like the local authorities.

Preview dd98dfda 8556 48bb b829 5c7bdc37d9e5
89 points

Finally achieved world peas

Preview 84113912 8d71 4074 b110 6a680f608652
77 points

Walking around Yangshuo, China, was a bit surprised to see the name for this brand of sunglasses...

Preview 142bed00 1a30 4fef ac2e 91e9f6206ec4
82 points

This squid in a bush

Preview b5b10b9f a37d 4eaf a28e e6980ca64038
75 points

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