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Google street view from Los Hoyos, Mexico. That uncomfortable feeling watching this.

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20 points

You had one job..

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18 points

This IT Movie Marketing in Sydney, Australia

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21 points

Browsing Google Street View today...

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74 points

Feels good.

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The crack in the ground looks like a paw print

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I walked through Barcelona and quickly snapped a picture in this small street

Preview 09249ebf d82e 4bb0 9bee a788bbd53fb0
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This is just god damn beautiful

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The prime minister of the Netherlands arriving on his job. #dutchthings

Preview 5f9c7be1 bf52 472b aad4 5582be774581

This guy wins the douchebag award

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So bushy, that you have to shave your shadow.

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I ordered small paper plates from Walmart. This is the packing paper it came in.

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My dog is very popular among street cats

Preview 36cd99a9 3117 446e a937 6030e3c9455d
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The pet of a homeless in brussels

Preview f8d64344 26ed 43f0 a7cf e235841a0133

That feeling when a pigeon has more money than you...

Preview 4f8d09e6 04b4 4b86 854b 9b2508f74910
2 points

Is it just me or this Google Street pic looks like GTA San Andreas?

Preview 11148b94 c1a5 467f a8d7 ae8308532090
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Bed Head

Preview 8eba471d 8a5d 4351 8286 ef4afb83f553
10 points

I have Bin drinking too much

Preview 2639c4dc abd7 4f79 b1f3 98b7b2f9a341
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Pole Turned into UFO Kidnapping Cow

Preview bf978da9 23d9 458c 9159 f8f1f62f3682
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