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How to handle the parking problem

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20 points

Kid covers sleeping cat with leaves when sunny

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16 points

Motorcyclist assassination squad.

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14 points

Goodboye doin a vv good job maintaining order

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15 points

This car and this color!!!

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13 points

When people complain about being unlucky...and this happens

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17 points

It does apparently

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10 points

When you start learning the night before exam...

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9 points

Bicycle equivalent of how to park like an asshole

Preview eabcf149 a1ed 49d9 bec7 a6809bac7124
17 points

I was at work and saw this car pulling a tiny version of itself.

Preview e085d0ae ae40 4ee5 951b 93f1f9caeac2
15 points

UHH let me think what im gonna buy today

Preview 0165a4d6 4b71 4a10 a7ed 2bd17d6236c2

Someone drove this car into a parking lot more than 500 feet on a rotor and left her right where she landed.

Preview dd4bdd8f 326d 4cef 8cc6 e49aa99c51c9
2 points

Hmm.. why is everything so different today?

Preview 9fbccbc3 d19a 4919 9ba5 2ac011ebab91
12 points

The way this town in Finland has decorated their street

Preview bdb6fed9 e0ca 4e8d 8b90 1fca1fcdbe95
15 points

What the Duck?

Preview d115fa93 966e 4132 86f1 29d2ac20301d
2 points

Seems okay.

Preview ab71d70f 4b05 4afb 9b70 62b231ca3105
9 points

This tidy snake

Preview b0930c6c 0e54 46d2 8fa3 aa561ef07a46
17 points

It's A Tiny Forest

Preview eb685de5 b59f 42e3 9aa4 ec686627820d
15 points

A fellow student probably pulled an all nighter studying for today's morning Final exam.

Preview 0c9f1d66 53b4 41ea bd6a 44ca13887748
16 points

Corvette C2 anyone ?

Preview 97646e6c e190 4c39 9042 a7d875fcbeb0
14 points

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