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Hmm.. why is everything so different today?

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12 points

The way this town in Finland has decorated their street

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11 points

Seems okay.

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8 points

This tidy snake

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16 points

It's A Tiny Forest

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14 points

A fellow student probably pulled an all nighter studying for today's morning Final exam.

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13 points

Corvette C2 anyone ?

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12 points

There always be that edgy guy

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11 points

Pole turned into UFO kidnapping cow.

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14 points

Wiped it off to get get some Pizza last night. Took the long way there! Why not! Happy Friday!

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12 points


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12 points

My local h*ckin loves doggos.

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13 points

This bee looks suspicious

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12 points

Any fans of this JDM Icon??

Preview 47230bc8 5aae 454b a54b 5b6d295e6aee
10 points

The case still in the investigation...

Preview dec4a59d 71d0 4858 9f25 2b71aa720b78
12 points

Crying in the middle of the street? This safe space shit is getting ridiculous

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1 points

The bike was gone 2 hours later

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2 points

Little House Door on sidewalk

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2 points

Joseph Stalin down and out

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2 points

How do you even manage to do this?

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