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70 points

A glitch in the matrix

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Birds keep cool in the heat

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91 points

"Take a photo for me" Boyfriend:"OK"

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85 points

In South Korea some streets clean themselves through a hydraulic system

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110 points

Ferrari stretch limo

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22 points

My cat melted

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69 points

Ferrari stretch limo

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60 points

Pure class

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69 points

I see you, Vlad the Impala

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56 points

ehh...Now I think I'm really adopted!!

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One of the Not my job awards going to slovakia

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75 points

Don't mind me, just riding a branch down the street...

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73 points

Lamborghini Centenario

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91 points

ehhh..Now I think I'm really adopted!!

Preview 0aa69808 da0c 4cac b897 8a7b457344d2
82 points

Basically the DD and drunk friends during a night out

Preview fb9bd661 f674 43fb 9738 2ec13a14254d
43 points

3D zebra stripe crosswalk in Iceland

Preview bb43dbd0 4cf0 4bf9 b696 6589627ebec7
51 points

I laid a concrete foundation for a shed today and left a surprise for any future homeowners who decide to tear it up.

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75 points

Homeschool Marching Band

Preview 6e2112a3 01b7 47ac 9ea8 f7100e57b9f3
52 points

This guy's wheels

Preview b7de9443 a2b2 4829 8e9c 2bf7510bb6ea
61 points

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