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My local h*ckin loves doggos.

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11 points

This bee looks suspicious

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11 points

Any fans of this JDM Icon??

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9 points

The case still in the investigation...

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10 points

How do you even manage to do this?

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2 points

Took a pic with my iPhone... I was blown by the quality

Preview e06f03e2 7ec1 4eb9 a2f5 ad5d6c334c29
6 points

This persons license plate is the hex code for the exact shade of blue their car is.

Preview d7700a02 58f9 4df9 b842 e63b5013ce1d
3 points

The border between Belgium and the Netherlands

Preview 89cc97cf dc45 4904 8c9b b71bc0aa3d6b
173 points

Glasgow seagulls take no prisoners

Preview c1a7f508 389e 440a 947a 0899e9ff70d6
3 points

My eye!

Preview 312e94bf 9272 4bc5 a75c 38897b3a64f7
97 points

Classic grandma

Preview c21f48ea d883 4f3c 96e4 c6ec3f6a52d3
113 points

Colin is a cutie

Preview e6d2c825 a321 426e 98c4 87947069dd2e
91 points

Not my job either..

Preview 0d3d744c 35c9 4770 8159 6c22bbeb2772
139 points

A Real Border of Belgium and Netherlands.(the cross line).Belgium(Left)Netherlands(Right).

Preview 838e087e 4561 411b 814e 8e73ed655b6b
193 points

And we had Chicken for Dinner

Preview 96a60920 d1dd 42da b6c8 c8fdfee7e98a
139 points

How to pick up women with 100% success rate

Preview ad279972 13c3 4870 b9fe 9d40bb24e23b
177 points

Should I press it?

Preview 09076c3b 8856 4bbe 9cb3 a7c2c7dcf716
105 points

The dutch government introduced these lights for people who use their phone in traffic...

Preview 0827ad79 e295 4b18 8fbe 49352aa4b5ad
190 points

My neighbors said they would be filming a "movie". Not really what I had in mind.

Preview 8c1f9b89 ad25 4506 831f 7b1b51fbe1b4
216 points

Rain forest

Preview d4424d8e 7409 471d b3e5 b1669980b47b
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