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As long as we're posting signs....

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103 points

The Mountain at OKC capital supporting teachers... they’ve been warned

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106 points

My son during the NCAA Women’s Final Four basketball bounce.

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Something doesn't quite seem right here

Preview a9b9c918 fbe8 4b4c a5d6 a302752ce076
116 points

<Throws coffee mug>

Preview 342269b6 978e 4f0e b4ec a4a133eb3ab3
117 points

Let's come together.

Preview 68e42110 82ab 4e22 a668 f931dfb17f24
61 points

Welcom to WTFLAND !

Preview 5b9f1379 864b 4605 aee9 70e955b28104
85 points

This guys shirt from a Vice Documentary on a radical Christian group.

Preview 5455bf39 aab4 47d7 9f2c 8e2d187d1954
159 points

Redditors scramble to get on board the EA Hate train - 2017

Preview ffd68a8c 3d95 4a73 bc85 e944bd90ceb6
59 points

There appears to be a glitch in the matrix...

Preview df7afcd1 7e8d 4919 97c3 9184ff302fda
66 points

A friend of mine pulling a fake meteorite in my towns parade. The mullet is legit

Preview 53e37687 e963 427e 82fd 2e354cc85e29
93 points

Tree haircut

Preview 8cd011aa 2fba 4444 be47 5442463367ef
111 points

When your gnome mage is richer than a country's elite

Preview 70b4d786 fe9e 4e96 b8dd 2dbb13f8abac

What in cultural appropriation?!

Preview fd88da9d 21b0 450d a69e dc8f698ea0f5
47 points

Grandfather of the Season.

Preview a29046f5 988e 4f03 9f23 f06f3a01d2b1
85 points

The most magical place on earth

Preview 1b7de622 f61e 407d 87b4 7774f9fa2d40
98 points

What do you guys think? is it bad or not at all?

Preview 5b9a4ae0 c585 4372 a7c0 3524a4ba9cd1
125 points

Should I press it?

Preview 09076c3b 8856 4bbe 9cb3 a7c2c7dcf716
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